ODORx Smoke Wash

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ODORx Smoke Wash
  • Helps eliminate smoke odors from clothing
  • Can be utilized for dry foam cleaning upholstery or carpet
  • pH: None
  • Safe for use on all fabric types
  • Variable dilutions
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ODORx Smoke Wash (1 GL)

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ODORx Smoke Wash (4 GL)

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Product Information

This laundry cleaning booster and deodorant is a water-based and fresh-smelling product intended for use as a deodorant and cleaning additive for soot- and smoke-damaged clothes. Add to the wash cycle at the rate of 2–4 oz per load to get rid of unpleasant smoke odors. Caution: Excessive use may cause foaming.


Smoke Wash can also be utilized for "dry foam" cleaning upholstery or carpet. Use it as a booster to wet side of carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.


  • For foam cleaning add 1–3 ounces per gallon and agitate into a dry foam.
  • Laundry add to the wash cycle at the rate of 2–4 oz per load.






Application Laundry
Brand ProRestore
Product Type Liquid
Category Laundry Products
Scent Wintergreen
Safe For High Efficiency Washers Yes
Condition new