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Matrix® Confidence Premium Extraction Detergent

  • Liquid with the cleaning power of a powder
  • Contains citrus solvents; breaks down grease
  • pH: 12.0 - 13.0
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Variable dilutions
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Matrix® Confidence Premium Extraction Detergent (1 GL)

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Matrix® Confidence Premium Extraction Detergent (4 GL)

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Matrix® Confidence Premium Extraction Detergent

A special blend of professional-strength ingredients gives Confidence the maximum cleaning power available in a liquid detergent and leaves carpet feeling incredibly soft.


Grungy, greasy commercial or restaurant carpet can be a cleaner's worst nightmare. Sticky soils can be tough to remove, and if there's any residue left behind, the carpet will re-soil in no time.


To solve this dilemma, Matrix chemists developed a unique combination of additives that penetrate and break down oil and water-based soils, so they can be easily flushed away. They also added outstanding anti-resoiling agents specifically designed to keep carpet cleaner longer.


The fast-acting formula gives carpet the new look your customers love. Although it's strong enough for commercial cleaning sites, it's also safe for use on stain-resistant carpet in residential homes.


Matrix Confidence gives you the power of a powder in liquid form. It contains special citrus solvents and emulsifiers that boost its oil-dissolving abilities, giving you the maximum cleaning power available in a liquid.



  • Truck Mounts: 32 ounces per 5 gallons of water to make stock solution
  • Butler Units: Use straight; meter at 20 cc
  • Portables: 2 ounces per 5 gallons of water


Makes up to 320 ready to use gallons

Nylon Carpet Cleaning:

Nylon fibers are the highest percentage of fibers found in residential carpeting. Nylon is usually factory treated with a stain repellant making it easier to clean. Nylon fibers are attracted to acid dyes, making spills such as Kool-Aid a problem. Stain-resistant warranties from the manufacturers dictate that nylon should not be cleaned with a pH greater than 10.0.


Recommended Basic Method:

  1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
  2. Dilute pre-spray (traffic lane cleaner) into a pump-up or inline sprayer and spray onto all traffic lane areas.
  3. Use a groomer to groom in the pre-spray and allow a 10-minute dwell time. Do not allow pre-spray to dry on carpeting.
  4. Put diluted detergent into carpet extractor and clean carpet.
  5. To neutralize carpet, dilute an acid rinse into a pump-up sprayer, inline sprayer, or extractor and apply to carpet.
  6. Apply protector to carpet with a sprayer.
  7. Groom carpet to evenly spread protector onto all sides of the fiber.
  8. Set air movers in room to speed dry carpet.


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Chemical Type Water Based
Brand Matrix
Approved Use Stain Resistant Carpet
Cleaning Method Hot Water Extraction
pH 12.0 - 13.0
Material Carpet
Dilution Variable
Product Type Liquid
Category Detergents
Condition new