Unitex® Luster Lemon Oil Polish

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Unitex® Luster Lemon Oil Polish
  • Restores oils in wood
  • Great with moderate smoke damage
  • pH: None
  • Ready to use
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Unitex® Luster Lemon Oil Polish (1 GL)

Item # UN-LLOP-01

Size: Gallon    Qty: 1

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Unitex® Luster Lemon Oil Polish (4 GL)

Item # UN-LLOP-04

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Product Information

To restore the oil in wood after heat/smoke damage—or if age or lack of humidity upset the moisture balance—get Luster Lemon. Apply with a damp cloth, leave on momentarily, then wipe with a dry cloth. Luster Lemon is ideal for restoring wood with moderate smoke damage.



Situation: Polishing Wood Furniture

Description: Solid wood furniture needs regular care to preserve the furniture’s sheen and good condition. Wood, due to its’ porosity, is subject to staining, warping and drying out. The build up of dust, dirt, food particles and finger smudges can also damage wood finishes through weakening and softening. Daily dusting should be done. Polishing of wood should be done weekly to rid the wood of grease, oils and to keep the wood from drying out.


Basic Method

  • Step 1: Using a feather duster or lambs wool duster remove surface dirt from wood.
  • Step 2: Spray Unitex Luster Lemon Oil Polish onto a cloth rag and rub on surface in the direction of the grain.

Smoke Odor Removal From Confined Areas


Brand Unitex
Category Furniture Polish
Product Type Liquid
Scent Lemon
Dilution RTU
Material Wood Floors
Application Wood Floor
Application Method Wipe
Approved Use Janitorial Use/General Cleaning
Condition new