L&M EMERYTOP 400, 55 lbs

Item # EX-1279-EA

55 lb    Qty: 1

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L&M EMERYTOP 400, 55 lbs

Item # EX-1279-EA

55 lb    Qty: 1

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  • Suitable for the roughest industrial environments
  • Chemically reinforced with withstand chemical attack
  • Twice the abrasion resistance of iron toppings and other emery toppings 
  • Can be placed like flowing concrete

Product Information

Floors in industrial environments are subject to some of the roughest conditions. Heavy machinery, chemical spills, and food waste can destroy floors in a short amount of time.


EmeryTop 400 was created to deliver the toughest floors in the world. This topping was originally developed for the solid waste industry’s transfer station tipping floors. It has twice the abrasion resistance of iron toppings and other emery toppings, and it can handle the high point loads, high impacting loads, and high abrasion that other flooring systems can’t.


EmeryTop 400 is also designed to withstand the most important cause of floor failure: chemical attack. This topping resists the most common damaging chemicals, including milk, vinegar, urine, animal fat, and household chemicals common in solid waste. By chemically reinforcing the cement paste against chemical attack, the abrasion resistance is doubled as compared to other emery toppings and iron toppings.


EmeryTop 400 can be placed over existing concrete floors or freshly placed concrete. This topping can be placed and finished like flowing concrete, making it very easy to work with. The average thickness of placement is between 3/4 inch and one inch (or more if required).



Typical application depth ranges from 1 to 3 inches (minimim recommended depth of 3/4 inch). Topping depth of 1 inch (24 mm) thick will require approximately 14 pounds of Emerytop 400 per square foot. 


EmeryTop 400 is non-metallic, non-rusting, and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. 


Top Benefits:

  • Greater abrasion resistance—twice that of iron toppings and other emery toppings
  • High energy-absorbing capacity for improved impact resistance 
  • Non-metallic and non-rusting 
  • Greater increased resistance to chloride ion penetration 
  • Modulus of elasticity very similar to concrete for greater compatibility 
  • Lower drying shrinkage assuring good bond to substrate 
  • Lower life cycle cost


Brand L and M
Category Floor Toppings
Product Type Emery
Color Gray
Condition new