Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage caused by exposed electrical wiring, cooking mishaps, or chimney fires can be devastating. Even a tiny flame from a scented candle left unattended can turn into a major disaster. 


Restoration professionals face unique challenges when trying to clean and restore building contents that have been affected by fire and smoke damage as the damage caused by fire to a home or business is often complicated to treat. 


Smoke odors can permeate building materials, walls, and even linger in heating and cooling systems. In addition to the smoke and char that must be removed and cleaned, there is often water damage present as well from sprinkler systems or fire hoses used to put out the blaze. 


Jon-Don has a full selection of fire damage restoration supplies, equipment, and accessories. From HEPA air scrubbers to thermal fogging units, odor-neutralizing chemicals to dry cleaning sponges, fire damage restoration professionals can trust Jon-Don to be a one-stop-shop for all their fire damage restoration needs. 


Training Opportunity: Fire and Smoke Technician is a hands-on course designed to teach restoration professionals how to clean and restore buildings that have been affected by fire damage. You’ll learn the in’s and outs of fire damage restoration from assessing the situation, planning the scope of the job, to marketing your services to adjusters and providing competitive estimates that help you land the job.