How to Remove Urine Odors

Urine odor removal requires six separate steps in order to ensure successful and complete removal. Three of these steps involve odor control chemicals and three involve rinsing and removing liquids. These steps must be completed in the order written and ALL steps must be done to ensure that you have broken down and removed the all of the different sources of the odor involved in urine.

  1. Totally saturate the area with Matrix Urine Preconditioner to break down the uric salts. Allow at least 10 minutes of dwell time to completely dissolve the salts.
  2. Apply the Water Claw to the area and vacuum the liquid out. While the vacuum is running, flush a bucket of warm water around the claw to flush excess salt residues away.
  3. Totally saturate the area with Matrix Bottom Line Odor Eliminator. Allow 45 minutes of dwell time, giving the enzymes time to fully digest the proteins and the lipids (fats and oils) involved in the urine deposit.
  4. Apply the Water Claw to the area and vacuum the liquid out. While the vacuum is running, flush a bucket of warm water around the claw to flush out the enzymes
  5. Totally saturate the area with Fresh Wave Air and Surface Liquid. Allow 5 minutes dwell time. 
  6. Apply the Water Claw to the area and remove as much liquid as possible until no more moisture is visible through the sight plastic.

Warning: Always test materials for colorfastness, follow label directions, and never mix products unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.


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  1. Black Light

    When customers need to see what you are fighting and you need an accurate measure of treatment areas, this long-wave, ultra-violet light reveals every detail on carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces.

    • Compact urine inspection tool
    • Produces long-wave UV, the safest type of rays
    • For best results, use in dark areas
  2. Matrix® Bottom Line Pet Odor Eliminator

    The live, enzyme-producing bacteria in Bottom Line digest organic waste and destroy urine odors at their source for permanent odor removal. This non-toxic brand stands up to high temperatures and pH without losing effectiveness.

    • Provides permanent odor removal
    • Uses enzymes to digest organic waste
    • pH 7.0–8.5
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $18.30

  3. Matrix® Urine Pre-Conditioner

    Urine Pre-Conditioner removes odor while breaking up and liquefying deposits for fast decontamination. This pre-treatment can be used on wet-cleanable carpet, upholstery, draperies, bedding, mattresses, and clothing.

    • Breaks up urine deposits for fast removal
    • Multi-surface use
    • pH: 0.5–1.0
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Dilute 8–24 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at: $16.82

  4. WATER CLAW Spot Lifter

    The WATER CLAW Sub-Surface Spot Lifter allows you to easily remove contaminants without removing carpet or pad. The clear acrylic top lets you watch all liquids being extracted from carpet. This handy tool accepts both 1 1/2" and 2" hose cuffs.

    • Remove contaminants without removing pad
    • Great in spotting and pet odor removal
    • Size: 8 x 7 inches
    • For use with truck mounts or portables
    • Compact design
  5. Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Spray

    For rapid, targeted odor control, turn to Fresh Wave IAQ Air and Surface Spray. It instantly bonds to and eliminates odor molecules in the air and those that have penetrated and/or are resting on fabrics and surfaces.

    • Simply spray affected areas for near-instant odor removal
    • Removes organic and inorganic odors
    • pH: 6.4
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet and wool
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $10.49

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