Wall Washing Using the Flat Mop Method

This method is for nonporous or semi-porous wall surfaces. It differs from standard wall washing in that it uses the technology of flat mops made of microfiber.


  1. Clear room of furniture and/or lay down drop cloths.
  2. Prepare Smoke-Solv Liquid Wall Wash, diluted at 4-32 oz per gallon of water depending on severity of soil, into one flat mop bucket. Put clean water in another other bucket.
  3. Dust the walls with a wall duster
  4. Dip the flat mop head attached to the handle into the cleaning solution. Wring it out tightly. Work in 8' x 8' floor-to-ceiling area, applying the solution and scrubbing with the mop head as needed. Be sure to apply the solution from the bottom up.
  5. Wring out the mop head in a clean rinse solution and wipe off the surface with the head. If needed, dry the wall with a towel.
  6. Repeat these steps until all walls are finished.

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  1. Wallmaster Wall Wash Tool (Frame & Handle)

    Make washing walls easier with the original wall washing tool featuring a rugged, heavy-gauge metal wire frame that is permanently attached to a double-lacquered ramin wood handle.

    • Heavy-gauge metal wire frame
    • Double-lacquered ramin wood handle
    • Swivel mechanism rotates 45 degrees
    • Rugged, spring-loaded mechanism
    • Uses Wall Wash Heads (sold separately)
  2. Wall Wash Head

    Cover plenty of ground and save even more time when you choose a wall washing head that offers the maximum in coverage. This all-cotton, pre-laundered head is designed to fit the Wallmaster Wall Wash Tool.

    • 4-ply 100% cotton yarn
    • Pre-laundered
    • Highly launderable
    • Attaches to holder with simple ties
    • For use with Wallmaster Wall Wash Tool (sold separately)
  3. Lambskin Specialties Lambswool Wall Duster, 12 Inch

    Remove cobwebs from out-of-the-way places fast with this wall and ceiling duster designed for high, expansive surfaces, including walls and ceiling moldings. Duster measures 12 x 6 inches. Duster color may vary. Handle not included.

    • 12-inch x 6-inch dusting span
    • 100% lambswool
    • Designed for high, expansive surfaces
    • Plastic frame
    • Fits threaded handle (BB-THW60-EA; sold separately)
  4. Lambskin Specialties Lambswool Wall Duster, 36 Inch

    When the job calls for muscle, get the wall duster designed for expansive surfaces and high ceiling moldings. This 36-inch duster has a 10-inch dusting pom, fits all threaded handles, and is a favorite at restoration and construction clean-up sites. Handle not included.

    • 36-inch length
    • 10-inch dusting head
    • 100% lambswool
    • Ideal for restoration and construction cleanup
    • Fits threaded handle (BB-THW60-EA; sold separately)
  5. Unger StarDuster® Wall Brush

    The Unger StarDuster Wall Brush features a wide oval shape that helps simplify dusting walls and ceiling fans. Its stiff, scratch-proof bristles accommodate rough surfaces without marring smooth surfaces, ensuring excellent task versatility. This duster may be used alone or with Unger telescopic poles (sold separately).

    • Ideal for dusting rough surfaces
    • Great for removing cobwebs and dust
    • Attaches to telescopic poles
    • Measures 12" x 5"
    • Made from heavy-duty galvanized wire and 49% horsehair bristles
  6. Unsmoke™ Wall Wash with Biosolv®

    When cleaning fire and smoke-damaged walls, you need extra cleaning power. Wall Wash is specially formulated to remove soot and smoke residue from walls and hard surfaces.

    • Has brightening and deodorizing agents
    • Effective for preparing walls for painting
    • pH: 12.8
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $24.07

  7. Creative Products Microfiber Telescopic Aluminum Mop Handle

    Telescoping aluminum handle works with friction lock mop heads, and also has a hole to work with clip attachable heads. When collapsed this handle measures 39.5"; it expands to 72".

    • For use with tab, hook, or pocket frames
    • Telescoping aluminum handle
    • Compatible with friction lock and clip heads
  8. Creative Products Microfiber Hook-Style Mop Frame, 16 Inch
    Microfiber mopping has never been easier with this 16-inch swivel frame with removable hook and loop strips. Use with hook-style microfiber mops.
    • 16-inch mop frame
    • Use with hook-style microfiber mops
    • Removable hook and loop strips
    • Fits threaded handle
    • Gray in color
  9. Creative Products Microfiber Snow Hook Mop, 18 Inch
    This 18-inch, short nap pile mop is made of 100% polyester microfiber with cut-end split construction. This mop is ideal for cleaning in tight areas or for applying concrete densifiers or dyes. Features hook and loop backing with blue stitching. Great for light soil cleaning.
    • Best suited for light soil levels and applying finish
    • Ideal for applying concrete densifiers or dyes
    • For use with hook-style frame
    • 100% polyester microfiber
  10. Microfiber Bucket, Blue

    This handy 6-gallon storage bucket features a pour spout and graduations so you always mix the right amount of solution. The handle is designed for use with the microfiber pre-treat system. Note: Lid sold separately.

    • For use with pre-treated microfiber system
    • 6-gallon size
    • Fits in pre-treat dolly, trolley, open cart and locking cart
    • Pour spouts and graduations
    • Lid sold separately
  11. Threaded Wood Handle

    This threaded wood handle is 60 inches in length and 1 1/8" in diameter. The threaded tip fits most brooms and mop heads with threaded sockets.

    • Length: 60 inches
    • Diameter: 1 1/8"
    • Threaded wooden tip

    Starting at: $3.22

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