Wall Washing

The walls in homes and offices don’t normally need much attention. The occasional smudge or splatter can usually be wiped up with warm, soapy water and gentle rubbing from a clean, damp towel or magic eraser product. Most dust and dirt can be removed with a high-quality feather or microfiber duster.


However, when the walls in your facility are covered with soot, smoke, grease, or water stains, they may benefit from a thorough washing. Washing walls prior to re-painting can also help the paint and/or primer adhere better.


Tips for wall washing:

  • Always test cleaning methods and products in an inconspicuous spot (such as the back of a closet) before cleaning to ensure you won’t remove paint or damage the wall.
  • Clear your work area. Remove all electric cords. Move or cover furniture to prevent damage from drips or splashes. Lay down a drop cloth to protect carpet and prevent stains.
  • Begin by removing loose dirt and cobwebs from the wall surface with a vacuum or clean, dry cloth. Cleaning without removing these will result in creating and spreading mud/dirt across the surface. 
  • Always start at the bottom of the wall and work your way to the top. While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s easier to clean drips off a clean wall than a dirty one. 
  • Overlap the cleaning areas to prevent streaks.
  • Walls that are painted with a gloss or semi-gloss paint generally respond well to cleaning. 
  • Walls with a flat paint generally respond well to spot cleaning. If the entire surface is dirty, it is better to simply repaint the wall, rather than waste time and money cleaning it.

Jon-Don offers several products and solutions that will help you achieve good results on your wall washing tasks. From flat mops and microfiber dusters to sponges and chemicals, Jon-Don is the building service contractor’s preferred supplier.


For assistance in selecting products or for help troubleshooting a wall washing task, contact one of our Janitorial Experts at 800-556-6366.