Environmentally Friendly Cleaning – General Cleaning

The goal of green or environmentally friendly cleaning is to achieve a high level of appearance, leave as little waste as possible, minimize labor time, and reduce overall costs. Green cleaning also improves indoor air quality as well as the health of building occupants and staff. By making small changes in the way you currently clean, you can make the switch to more environmentally friendly cleaning processes.

Basic green cleaning tips:

  • When dusting surfaces, use microfiber dust cloths to capture and remove dust. Replace saturated cloths with clean ones. For high dusting in vents and ceiling corners, use the vacuum attachments on your upright or backpack model. It is best to avoid feather dusters, which tend to stir up dust, not remove it. Avoid dust cloth treatments as well, as they can leave residues and emit VOCs. 
  • When choosing a vacuum cleaner, look for a model that can capture 96% of particulates 0.3 microns in size and operate at less than 70 dB sound levels. These models leave the air cleaner and are less likely to disturb building occupants with excessive noise. 
  • When choosing chemicals, opt for concentrated formulas. Concentrated chemicals reduce the overall environmental impact from packaging and transportation and most often reduce costs. Be sure to only use chemical products according to label directions. Put labels on secondary containers, such as spray bottles. Never mix different cleaning products together. 
  • Pay attention to the product label. Look for products marked with the Green Seal, USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) or DfE (Design for the Environment) logo.
  • When applying a cleaning product, spray it onto a cloth rather than directly onto the surface. This will reduce VOCs as well as possible slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Clean and store equipment after each use. Equipment that is not properly cleaned wears out sooner, is less effective, and may impede future cleaning (e.g., a dirty mop won’t perform as well as a clean one, and may leave additional dirt and bacteria on a floor).

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