Fluorescent Light Cleaning


How to Clean Fluorescent Light Fixtures with Plastic/Glass Lenses and Diffusers

This method utilizes a bucket and sponge or trigger sprayer and sponge. An all-purpose detergent such as Unitex Daily Clean is the most common cleaner; however, if there is a lot of grease and oil present, a stronger degreaser may be needed.



  1. Remove furniture and/or cover with drop cloths.
  2. Dilute Unitex Daily Clean at 2 oz per gallon of water. If using a trigger sprayer, place diluted solution into spray bottle.
  3. Sweep the ceiling and hanging fixtures of cobwebs and dirt.
  4. Remove the diffuser/lens cover from the fixture. Replace any lamps that have burned out.
  5. With the trigger sprayer or a damp dry cleaning sponge wash the metal parts of the fixture, then wipe dry.
  6. Clean the diffuser/lens cover by spraying it with the trigger sprayer or wash it with solution from the bucket. Be careful of any sharp edges.
  7. Replace the covers.
  8. When the entire bank of light fixtures has been cleaned, turn the bank on to see if all lights are working

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  1. Unger CobWeb Duster Brush
    The Unger CobWeb Duster Brush is designed to remove both cobweb clusters and stray strands of spider web from areas high and low. The split-tipped soft poly fibers remove all the web materials without scratching the surface beneath.
    • Split-tipped soft poly fiber
    • Perfect for ceilings, moldings and corners
    • Electrostatic energy attracts dust
    • May be used alone or with Unger telescopic poles (sold separately)
  2. Rubbermaid® Hi-Duster Overhead Dusting Tool

    Reach the highest cleaning challenge with ease when you use the launderable Rubbermaid Super Hi-Duster Overhead Tool. A telescoping handle extends up to 51 inches or 8 1/2 feet, depending on the tool, for the most efficient overhead reach ever.

    • Head is launderable
    • Telescopic handle
    • Extends up to 51 inches or 8 1/2 feet

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  3. Drop Cloth, 9 x 12 Feet

    These practical, reusable paper/plastic drop cloths can be used for any job. The paper side faces up to absorb wet material while the plastic side faces down to prevent penetration. Protect a 9 x 12-foot area with a single cloth.

    • One side paper; one side plastic
    • Ideal for protecting any floor
    • Measures 9 x 12 feet

    Starting at: $6.09

  4. Unitex® Daily Clean Neutral Cleaner

    Now infused with SenTec™ malodor counteractant technology, Daily Clean cuts through dirt, grime, AND odors! It leaves no streaks, haze, or residues. Low-foam and concentrated, it works best mixed 1–3 ounces per gallon. Apply with an automatic scrubber or mop for terrific results.

    Watch the Daily Clean video!

    • Improved formula performs better in hard water
    • Leaves no residues; infused with SenTec™ odor counteractant
    • pH: 7.0–8.5
    • Multi-surface use
    • Dilute 1–3 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at: $7.99

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