Janitorial / Building Service

Building service contractors and in-house service providers have a large and direct impact on the business that takes place inside the buildings they are charged to maintain. Overflowing trashcans, dirty work surfaces, and muddy floors all contribute to poor appearance and create a negative impression on employees, tenants, patrons, and guests. Clean, properly maintained buildings, however, promote business, protect the health and safety of building occupants, and ensure a pleasant indoor environment. 


Numerous studies have shown that clean, well-maintained buildings prevent the spread of illness and protect the health of building occupants. Workers take fewer sick days, which means companies can stay more productive, and students – from elementary schools to universities – miss fewer lessons and don’t suffer academically. 


Not only do clean buildings promote health, but clean areas have a positive mental effect on building occupants. They reduce stress and anxiety, promote productivity, and contribute towards overall job satisfaction. 


Clean areas tend to stay clean, too. When people see an overflowing trashcan, they are likely to throw trash at it, not in it. But if an area is properly maintained, people make the effort to put trash in the proper receptacles and keep things looking clean. 


Proper building maintenance also prevents accidents and fires. Waste materials such as paper and cardboard, for example, represent a fire hazard and must be properly disposed of. Hallways and walkways must be kept clear, clean, and dry to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. 


When it comes to the equipment, supplies, and accessories that building service contractors depend on, there is no better source than Jon-Don. We understand that professional cleaning contractors need to be able to clean as efficiently and effectively as possible. That’s why we offer a wide selection of products and tools, from vacuum cleaners to floor machines, paper products to microfibers, which can help reduce the largest expense facing janitorial companies: labor. 


For assistance with products and equipment, or for bidding and estimating tips, our building service/janitorial experts are just a toll-free phone call away!