Rust Removal from Tile Flooring

Rust can get on tile from chair legs, cabinets, or any other metal object that has gotten wet and remained on the tile floor. Rust stains are typically discovered when furniture or objects are moved and an unsightly reddish brown stain is discovered.

Note: If the rust stain is actually on the tile itself, and not just in the wax, the tile is usually ruined and will need to be replaced. However, we recommend using an oxalic-based product like Matrix Rust Eradicator, as sometimes you may be able to remove rust that has become imbedded in the tile pores.


  1. Strip the floor by applying Unitex Melt Down Stripper diluted at 26 oz per gallon of hot water. Apply liberally to the floor with a mop.
  2. Allow stripper to dwell 3-4 minutes. Agitate with a floor machine and black pad as necessary for 100% removal of old floor finish.
  3. Allow 3 minutes of dwell time, and then pick up the solution with a mop or wet-dry vacuum. (If the reddish color has faded but still somewhat remains on the tile, this indicates that the rust has penetrated into the tile. Proceed with the remaining steps to try to remove the stain, but warn your customer that removal may not be possible and the tile will have to be replaced.)
  4. Apply Matrix Rust Eradicator to spot. Agitate this with floor machine and white pad.
  5. Using a mop rinse area with Unitex Daily Clean diluted at 2 oz per gallon of water.
  6. Let floor dry.
  7. Apply new floor finish.

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  1. Matrix® Rust Eradicator

    Rust Eradicator’s amazing formula eliminates even the toughest rust stains quickly and effectively. Plus, it's so easy to use.

    • Eliminates the toughest rust stains
    • Easy to use
    • pH: 5.5
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $9.78

  2. Unitex® Surface Renew® Grout Brightener

    Wish you could impress your customers by returning their tile and grout to that just-installed look? Well you can thanks to Unitex Surface Renew Grout Brightener! This acid-based formulation brightens concrete, tile, and grout with mild acid etching.

    • Effectively removes mineral deposits, rust stains, and more!
    • Brightens concrete, tile, and grout
    • pH: < 1.0
    • For use on tile and grout
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $35.48

  3. Unitex® Surface Renew® Grout Ox Stain & Odor Remover

    For tough stains and odors on tile and grout, use Unitex Surface Renew Grout Ox. This product uses a highly effective oxygen bleach formulation that removes odors and stains, like pet stains, red wine, as well as mold and mildew, from a variety of acid-sensitive surfaces.

    • Effective oxygen bleach formula
    • Removes tough odors and stains on acid-sensitive surfaces
    • pH: 10.0–10.3
    • For use on stone, tile, and grout
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $28.49

  4. Betco Best Bet Liquid Creme Cleanser

    Betco Best Bet is a liquid creme cleanser that quickly cuts through and removes embedded rust, soap scum, stains, grease, oxidation, hard water minerals, and filth from a variety of surfaces, including bathtubs, toilets, urinals, drinking fountains, and more!

    • Quickly removes embedded filth
    • Won’t scratch surfaces like scouring powders
    • pH: 1.5–2.5
    • For use on a variety of surfaces
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $4.04

  5. Unitex® Floor Pads, Black with 3-Inch Center Hole (5 PK)

    Designed for heavy-duty wet stripping. Aggressively removes wax, dirt, and old finish. For use with machines up to 350 RPM. Pads are packed 5 per case.

    • Aggressively removes dirt and strips old finish buildup
    • 3-inch center hole
    • Use on machines up to 350 RPM
    • Can be use with auto scrubber or electric floor machine
    • 5 pads per case

    Starting at: $12.16

  6. Unitex® Floor Pads, White with 3-Inch Center Hole (5 PK)

    Choose this extra fine white pad for polishing floors. Use it for dry applications or with a fine water mist to produce a high-gloss wet look on newly finished floors. For use with machines from 175 to 3,000 RPM. Pads packed 5 to a case.

    • Ideal for buffing soft finishes
    • Extra fine pad for polishing clean, dry floors
    • Use on machines up to 3,000 RPM

    Starting at: $10.44

  7. Unipro Floor Machine, 20 Inch, 1.5 HP

    The Unipro Floor Machine is perfect for hard floor applications in office buildings, schools, educational facilities, retail store, and healthcare environments. With a 1.5 HP motor and a 20" cleaning path, this workhorse has power to spare.

    • Great for most hard floor applications
    • 1.5 HP motor; 175 brush RPM
    • 20-inch cleaning path
    • 50-foot, heavy-duty power cord
    • Pad driver and clutch plate included
  8. Unitex® Melt Down Plus Floor Stripper

    Melt Down Plus is fast-acting, and was specifically developed to quickly strip multiple coats of burnished finish from a variety of floors. Its rinse-free, low-pH formula requires no neutralization after use. This low-odor formula is ideal for use in occupied areas or around sensitive individuals.

    • No neutralizing required; non-ammoniated formulation
    • Easy to use, low-odor formula
    • pH: 11.8–12.8; pH at dilution: 11.0–11.4
    • Variable dilutions
    • Covers 400 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $19.93

  9. Unitex® Daily Clean Neutral Cleaner

    Now infused with SenTec™ malodor counteractant technology, Daily Clean cuts through dirt, grime, AND odors! It leaves no streaks, haze, or residues. Low-foam and concentrated, it works best mixed 1–3 ounces per gallon. Apply with an automatic scrubber or mop for terrific results.

    Watch the Daily Clean video!

    • Improved formula performs better in hard water
    • Leaves no residues; infused with SenTec™ odor counteractant
    • pH: 7.0–8.5
    • Multi-surface use
    • Dilute 1–3 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at: $7.99

  10. Eliminator Blended Mop, Blue, Large, 24 oz

    The Eliminator mop features a 4-ply blended cotton/rayon/polyester looped end mop and a 1 1/4" headband. With its 24 ounces of cleaning strength, it won't fall apart over the long haul! For general maintenance jobs, big blue takes on the biggest on-site challenge you can give it.

    • 4-ply blended cotton/rayon/polyester
    • Looped end with tailband
    • 1 1/4" headband
    • Pre-shrunk
    • Launderable

    Starting at: $8.25

  11. Defender Cotton Mop, White, Large, 24 oz

    The Defender is an economical cut-end cotton mop that has proven as good for disposable applications, wet pickup, and floor stripping as technology can make it. This mop head features 4-ply construction for durability.

    • 100% 4-ply cotton yarn
    • Cut end
    • 1 1/4" headband
    • Not launderable
    • Great for everyday general mopping

    Starting at: $4.57

  12. MaxiPlus Mop Bucket & Wringer, 36 Quart
    The MaxiPlus Mop Bucket and Wringer separates clean and dirty water for cleaner, greener mopping. The unique wringer accepts both microfiber flat mops and up to 32-oz wet mops. The bucket is designed with a comfortable handgrip and large pour spout for mess-free emptying.
    • 36-quart capacity
    • Side press wringer for up to 32-oz mops and microfiber flat mops
    • 3-inch casters

    Starting at: $90.99

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