Hard Floor Care

There are many types of hard floor surfaces found in homes, commercial facilities, and industrial institutions. 


  • Resilient flooring is flooring that has some elasticity and a “bouncy” feel as you walk on it. Resilient floors are made from materials such as cork, vinyl, linoleum, VCT, and rubber. This type of flooring is designed to be stain and water resistant, durable, and comfortable to stand or work on. Resilient flooring is most often found in kitchens, hospitals, and retail stores – places where people spend a lot of time on their feet.


  • Non-resilient flooring has no flex or “give” when walked on. Non-resilient floors are very durable and hold up well to lots of foot traffic. They are usually divided into two groups: manmade and natural. Manmade non-resilient flooring includes materials such as concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, and quarry. Natural non-resilient flooring includes stone such as marble, granite, and slate.


  • Wood floors are almost in a category of their own. From natural hardwoods and softwoods to laminate (synthetic wood) flooring, wood floors add a beautiful and elegant look to homes and businesses. Wood floors are also found in many gymnasiums and basketball courts. 


No matter the type of flooring material, even the most durable floor can lose its luster over time. Heavy foot and vehicle traffic can track in dirt, grime, road salts, and other contaminants that dull floors, scratch finish, and leave scuff marks – all of which contribute to a poor appearance. 


Regular cleaning and periodic restorative procedures should be performed in order to preserve the beauty and prolong the life of the floor. In order to properly clean and maintain the flooring surface, it is important that building service contractors know about each type of flooring and the specific care required. 


Building maintenance contractors and in-house service providers can turn to Jon-Don for a full selection of hard floor cleaning chemicals, strippers, finishes, equipment, and accessories that can revitalize floors, including tile and grout, stone, and wood surfaces. Our professional-grade products are specifically designed to work with your current maintenance programs to reduce cost, reduce labor, and improve the appearance of all your hard surface floors.