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Furniture and Upholstery

We spend a great deal of time lounging on our favorite couches and chairs. Many of us eat meals there or invite our pets to curl up on the cushions next to us. While the carpet gets vacuumed once a week, our couches and chairs may go months or years without any cleaning whatsoever.

Eventually, the professionals are called in to remove a year’s worth (or more!) of soiling. The soiling that builds up on upholstery and leather is often a mix of dirt, body oils, food and beverage spills, and occasionally pet hair and dander. This sticky soiling clings tightly to fabric fibers and is especially stubborn and difficult to remove.

Wood furniture, such as end tables, coffee tables, or wood detailing on chairs and couches, can also accumulate various types of soiling. Spilled food and beverages, dust, dirt, or condensation from a glass being set down without a coaster can affect the wood’s appearance.

To prolong the life of furniture, Jon-Don highly recommends having it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Care tips for upholstery, leather, and wood furniture:

  1. Clean spills right away. The longer a spot or spill goes untreated, the more difficult it is to remove. It can also lead to permanent color loss or, in the case of wood furniture, warping of the wood.
  2. Keep items out of the sun. Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods can alter the color of the furniture. Keep windows covered when rooms are not in use.
  3. Pay close attention to fabric cleanability codes. These codes can be found on the tag or label and indicate which type of cleaning agent can be used on the piece. 
  4. If the piece is wet cleanable (indicated with a “W” on the care tag), use as little water as possible. Excessive moisture can cause permanent damage to furniture – even if it is wet cleanable. Use a hand tool specifically rated for upholstery.
  5. Apply a protector once the piece is clean. Fabric protectors create an invisible, protective layer on upholstery fabric, preventing soils and liquids from sticking to the fibers, and giving the owner more time to clean the mess.

Jon-Don stocks a wide variety of chemicals, equipment, and supplies specifically designed for the proper care of upholstery, leather, and wood furniture. When used properly, professional, high-quality products can help extend the life of furniture items as well as maintain a clean, fresh appearance.

Training Opportunity: The Upholstery & Fabric Technician (UFT) training course is ideal for technicians who want to learn how to properly clean and care for upholstery and avoid the mistakes that others only find out through expensive trial and error. This course covers the methods, chemistry, and inspection procedures necessary to clean most upholstery fabrics. This course qualifies for IICRC certification and Continuing Education Credits.