Sidewalk Grinding Specifications


This specification describes a grinding procedure for one operator to quickly reduce raised sidewalk panels (“risers” or “trip hazards”) up to 2” high only. Any risers greater than 2” high are normally replaced.


Equipment Needed:

  • Dry cutting scarifier
  • Flail-It Tungsten carbide spike cutters


A dry-cutting scarifier outfitted with “flail-it” tungsten carbide spike cutters will quickly reduce the raised sidewalk panel level through the pulverizing scarification process that tapers down the hard risers into fine concrete powders.


The final surface will have a smooth “non-slip” CSP3–CSP4 textured surface finish without any rough edges.


The completed panel will have a surface color shaded lighter than the adjoining section.


Any remaining concrete powders shall be collected from the sight by broom. A dust collector can be connected to the vacuum port to contain airborne fine concrete powders.


The raised panel “riser” shall be tapered using the following formula to produce an even transition:












1 1/4"


1 1/2"


1 3/4"






Equipment selection:

Scarifier machines are drum-style flailing surfacers available in different size and weight classes, from portable handhelds, to walk-behinds, self-propels, and ride-ons. Productivity is dependent upon machine weight, horsepower, cutter size and drum width. Finishes can be controlled by the operator’s skill, equipment selection, and the flail-it cutter drum set-up pattern.


The most common sidewalk grinders are walk-behinds ranging from 125 lbs to 450 lbs.

  • Light class scarifiers (125 lbs, 5.5HP, 1 5/8” cutter, 8” widths) - ideal for managing many small jobs up to 1/4” or very limited risers over 1/4”.
  • Medium class scarifiers (240 lbs, 13HP, 2 1/4” cutter, 10” widths) - most popular and best suited for every type of surface prep job especially sidewalk risers up to 2”.
  • Heavy class scarifiers (450 lbs, 13HP, 3 1/4” cutter, 15” widths) - best suited for professional concrete refinishers requiring the heaviest and most productive equipment.
  • Handheld (15 lbs, 1.3 HP, 1 1/4” cutter, 2” widths) - best suited for working in tight locations and for squaring-up the scarifier’s finishes.

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  1. SMITH Manufacturing SPS8™ Original Rugged Walk-Behind Scarifier

    The SMITH SPS8 is ideal for removing parking lot lines, leveling high spots, and removing coatings, epoxy, raised sidewalks, flaking paints, thermoplastics, and more. This scarifier is best-suited for mid-size removal jobs by contractors with limited surface prep and surface application correction projects.

    • 8-inch removal width; up to 1/8" cutting depth
    • Ideal for mid-size projects, including removing parking lot lines
    • Weighs 225 lbs
    • Gas and electric versions available
    • Drum and tooling sold separately

    Starting at: $4,245.00

  2. SMITH Manufacturing SPS10™ Deluxe Multi-Use Surface Preparator™

    This powerful surface preparator cuts a 10" wide path up to 1/4" deep. It offers productivity rates of up to 2,250 linear feet per hour! Its heavy-duty, all-steel construction combined with vibration dampening handlebar ensure worker comfort even with extended use.

    • Up to 10-inch removal width
    • Cuts up to 1/4" deep
    • All-steel, heavy-duty construction
    • Achieve multiple desired finishes
    • Drum and tooling sold separately

    Starting at: $5,245.00

  3. SMITH Manufacturing Flail-It Carbide Drum Assembly, 10"

    The Flail-It Carbide Drum Assembly is designed for use with the SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator. It is ideal for removing paints, coatings, and epoxies from asphalt and hard concrete. It also works well for leveling, profiling, and grooving concrete.

    • Removes a variety of coatings and profiles
    • deal to use with SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator
    • Can be used on asphalt, concrete, and steel surfaces
  4. SMITH Manufacturing FS 351 Self-Propelled Surfacer, 20 HP, 480V

    Shave, profile, or scarify floor surfaces up to 15" wide in a single pass with ONE machine! The SMITH FS351 Self-Propelled Surfacer will prepare floor surfaces with controlled surface finishes from CSP3–CSP10. Get up to TWO TIMES faster removal speeds!

    • Removes material up to 15" wide and 3/8" depth
    • Production rates of up to 1,000 sq ft per hour
    • Many different drum and tool options for every type of job
    • 695 lbs
    • Drum and tooling sold separately
  5. SMITH Manufacturing LNX8 No-Groove Eraser Deluxe, Gas

    This easy-to-operate walk-behind eraser efficiently eliminates the grooving pattern or ghost line normally associated with flail cutter drum-style machines. It's also ideal for removing thermoplastic, cold-plastic, epoxy, or paint coatings from flooring.

    • Ideal for removing paint lines from asphalt or concrete
    • Rotary cutter drum
    • 10 different cutter options
    • No-vibration spindle
    • Drum and tooling sold separately

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