Joint, Spall, and Crack Repair

Concrete floors are rarely, if ever, perfect. Over time, exposure to heavy vehicle traffic, industrial equipment, tracked-in road salts, or extreme temperatures can cause concrete to crack and spall (break off in small pieces). 

Unprotected joints and imperfections in concrete often lead to the breakdown of floors. Not only is this kind of concrete damage unsightly, but it also represents a trip hazard and a liability to property owners. 

Concrete repair tips:

  • Prior to polishing or installation of epoxy coatings, all cracks and spalls must be properly repaired. Failure to do so can lead to the failure of the flooring system
  • Always blow out dust and debris from cracks
  • Cracks and spall areas should be clean and dry before they are filled with repair materials
  • For larger cracks, use grinder, saw, or hammer and chisel to widen the area for better filling; the repair depth should be at least half an inch 

Without the proper repair material and procedures, the repair will fail leading to a more costly repair as well as additional downtime. Jon-Don highly recommends that all concrete repair work be performed by a properly trained concrete professional. 


Concrete Crack Repair Preparation 



Jon-Don carries a full selection of concrete repair products and equipment that are suitable for a wide range of environments, including indoor, outdoor, deep freeze, or extreme heat. Our concrete fillers can be blended to match the existing concrete surface and give the appearance of a single, neat and clean finish. 

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  1. Perfect Trac Concrete Saw

    Thanks to its low center of gravity and weight-driven design, the Perfect Trac Crack Saw is designed to yield cleaner cuts with less vibration and little to no chipping in the concrete. This heavy-duty concrete saw cuts to a depth of 2.125 inches.

    • Self-adjusting safety guard
    • Four-way adjustable handle
    • Easy motor replacement
    • Cut to 2.125-inch depth!
    • Uses blade SB-7TIGER90-EA
  2. Gorilla Tank 10" Dustless Concrete Joint Saw

    The Gorilla 10" Tank is a slim, portable, and dustless electric cleanout saw that is ideal for joint cleanout applications on new construction, remodeling, or demolition jobs. In addition to joint cleanout, it's also great for caulk cutting, concrete cutting, and decorative applications.

    • Comes standard with Metabo saw
    • 3.5" cutting depth
    • Easy to transport
    • 2" vacuum port for virtually dust-free cutting
    • Built-in heavy-duty blade guide
  3. Gorilla Silverback 9" Dustless Joint Saw and Crack Chaser

    The Gorilla 9" Silverback is an ultra-durable, user-friendly joint saw designed to provide smooth, precise cuts day in and day out. It cuts to a depth of up to 2 3/8” and has excellent blade visibility. Large 4" x 2" wheels with precision bearings and lockable swivel casters for straight cuts or crack chasing.

    • Ideal for crack chasing or straight line joint cutting
    • Excellent blade visibility
    • Large precision bearing wheels and lockable swivel casters
    • Made of heavy duty 1/4" thick welded steel—no plastic
    • Cuts to a depth of 2 3/8"
  4. Gorilla 4.5" Dustless Crack Chaser

    The Gorilla 4.5" Grab and Go Dustless Crack Chaser keeps the operator off his knees and in a safer, upright operating position for efficient crack chasing on any job. This model cuts to a depth of 3/4" and has great blade visibility for chasing the tightest twists and turns.

    • Ideal for chasing the most jagged cracks
    • Solid, 1/4" thick welded steel design
    • 2-inch dustport for superior dust control
    • One-piece handle design for easy operating
    • Sealed precision wheel bearings and lockable swivel casters
  5. Metzger/McGuire MM-80 Semi-Rigid Epoxy Joint Filler

    MM-80 is a two-component, 100% solids content epoxy joint filler designed to fill, protect, and repair joints and cracks in industrial concrete floors that are subject to hard, heavy wheeled traffic from carts, forklifts, and other vehicles handling heavy loads.

    • Ideal for joint and crack repair in industrial settings
    • Helps protect edges from spalling
    • Shore hardness of A90-95
    • LEED Compliant
    • Other colors available

    Starting at: $52.11

  6. Metzger/McGuire Spal-Pro RS 88 Polyurea, Standard Gray
    Spal-Pro RS 88 is a rapid-setting two-component polyurea polymer liquid of 100% solids content that is specifically designed to fill and protect contraction and construction joints in heavily trafficked industrial, commercial, and retail concrete floors.
    • Rapid setting, 100% solids
    • Hardness of Shore A86-90
    • Fills and protects joints in trafficked industrial and retail concrete floors
    • Other colors available

    Starting at: $42.08

  7. Just Cut, Inc. Segmented Turbo Supreme Blade

    Turbo Supreme Blades are made with a 39% diamond concentrate that delivers long life and outstanding performance. These blades are designed for a dry cut, but can also be used with water to help the blades stay cool and prolong overall tool life.

    • Made with a 39% diamond concentrate
    • 0.125" thickness
    • Great for concrete, brick, block, and most stone
    • Available in 4.5", 7", 8", and 10"

    Starting at: $30.00

  8. Stellite® Joint Cleanout Blade, 7"

    Stellite-tipped cutting blades effectively remove both soft and semi-rigid materials without melting the material—including polyureas! These blades maintain their sharpness, so you won't have to frequently replace them due to dulling problems. Ideal for use with walk-behind joint cutting and cleanout saws.

    • Removes joint filler/sealant
    • Will not melt material
    • Ultra-durable, long-lasting blade
    • Works with Perfect Trac and US Saws machines
    • Arbor size: Universal or 5/8"–7/8"

    Starting at: $185.00

  9. Premium Tuck Point Blades, 0.25 Inch

    Tuck Point Blades are used for the removal of mortar joints and the preparation of masonry surfaces including concrete, block, bricks, pavers, and stone.

    • Premium grade diamond tool
    • Long life
    • Efficient cutting action

    Starting at: $35.00

  10. Premium Tuck Point Blade, 0.375

    Tuck Point Blades are used for the removal of mortar joints and the preparation of masonry surfaces, including concrete, block, bricks, pavers, and stone.

    • Premium-grade diamond tool
    • Long life
    • Efficient cutting action

    Starting at: $40.00

  11. Premium V-Segment Crack Chaser Blade

    Crack Chaser Blades are brazed and specifically engineered to efficiently clean out and repair cracks and/or imperfections on a wide range of masonry surfaces. For use with angle grinders, circular saws, and tuck pointers for cutting green concrete, block, concrete, hard concrete, pavers, and stone. Dry and wet use.

    • Premium grade diamond tool
    • Long life
    • Efficient cutting action
    • Use dry or wet

    Starting at: $56.00

  12. Carbide-Embedded Nyalox Wheel, Gray, Coarse, 80 Grit

    This Carbide-Embedded Nyalox Wheel provides the perfect amount of abrasive power for removing paints, corrosion, finishes, surface rust, and more from a variety of surfaces. Nyalox brushes last up to 10 times longer than traditional wire brushes, plus they won’t rust or shed bristles under normal conditions.

    • Ideal for cleaning out cutouts and joints in concrete floors
    • Last 10 times longer than traditional wire brushes
    • Will not rust or shed bristles
    • 80 grit

    Starting at: $5.95

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