Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting, from wall-to-wall carpet to simple area rugs, covers the floors in more than 70 percent of homes and workplaces. It comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and fiber types that greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. 


Nylon, for example, is the most popular carpet fiber type found in homes and businesses. It is durable, resists crushing from foot traffic, and maintains its color well. Olefin (polypropylene) is most often seen in businesses and commercial facilities. Olefin carpet is exceptionally strong, moisture resistant, and easy to clean. Wool provides a luxurious and stain-resistant carpet fiber; however, it tends to fray and is not as durable as other synthetic fibers. Recently, polyester has become more popular taking nearly a third of the market. Fibers made from recycled plastic bottles and cellulosic fibers (e.g., corn) have been responsible for the rapid growth in market share. 

Carpet, no matter the fiber type, typically represents a significant investment, so it should receive routine care to prevent it from wearing out and needing to be replaced prematurely. Regular professional cleanings are essential to help carpet maintain its appearance and prolong its life. In addition, professionally cleaned carpet promotes a healthy indoor environment and can even reduce allergies. 


Jon-Don offers a broad selection of professional carpet cleaning chemicals, accessories, and equipment that can power through dirt, grease, and grime to reveal the beautiful carpet underneath. Whether you’re treating tricky spots, tough odors, or performing color corrections, Jon-Don is your one-stop shop for all your professional carpet cleaning supplies. 


Training Opportunity: Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) is a hands-on training course that covers the basics of carpet cleaning from proper chemistry to solutions to the ten most common and most difficult carpet cleaning challenges, making it ideal for those new to the industry or old pros looking to brush up on the latest carpet cleaning techniques.