Animal / Insect Infestation

Animals and insects can cause incalculable damage to both homes and businesses.

Animals, such as raccoons and mice, tend to be drawn into buildings when they seek shelter and food during cold or inclement weather. The animals often create nests and try to make themselves at home, much to the dismay of building owners. In some hoarding situations, when a property is overrun with clutter and trash, animal infestations can go untreated for extended periods of time, compounding the damage that is caused.

In addition to the physical damage claws and teeth can do to a structure, strong odors and fecal matter and present an extra health hazard to building occupants. It is important that the animals be removed from the property as soon as possible. The damage they caused must be remedied quickly to prevent any future health problems.

Insects are another unwelcome pest that can quickly get out of control. In addition to property damage, both people and animals can quickly find themselves covered in itchy bites. In communal living situations, such as apartments, dormitories, and even hotel rooms, insect infestations can spread to other areas of the building, making eradication a complex task.

Jon-Don is fully stocked with the supplies, chemicals, and equipment specifically designed to remove odors, kill insects, and restore properties to pre-infestation condition. For assistance in selecting products for particularly troublesome pest situations, contact a Jon-Don representative at 800-556-6366.