Would you like to keep your customers calling?...and calling...and calling!

Are you looking for an affordable way to generate more business? Are you tired of “shot-gun” style marketing methods that come with a high price tag but still don’t get your phone to ring? Are you looking for a marketing method with an out-of-this-world ROI?

Savvy business owners know that the easiest and best way to grow business is through generating repeat and referral business. That means in addition to doing a good job and providing value to your customers when you’re working in their homes, you also have to keep your name in front of them long after you leave and inspire them to pass it on to others.

So what’s the best way to spend your marketing dollars? Pens and magnets featuring your name and phone number aren’t a bad idea. But they’re also easily lost in a drawer and simply forgotten. Postcards are inexpensive, but also easily discarded. Yellow Pages ads are expensive and quickly becoming obsolete thanks to the Internet.

What you need is a guaranteed way to catch your customer’s eye – even when she sorts her mail over the trashcan. Something that she’ll hang on to... Something that she will share with her friends and family… Something that will keep her out of the hands of your competition...

That something is the Jon-Don One to One Newsletter.

Here's what our customers have to say:

"I started using the Jon-Don newsletter program in May and couldn't be happier with the results. It gets mentioned to us on the phone and on the job almost every day. Everyone says how glad they are to get it, and have had a few say that's the only reason they remembered to have us clean before graduation open houses. Overall I have been very pleased with the results and am anxious to see if it helps to keep me a little busier this winter during the slow months. It is my first step to gradually move my way out of the Yellow Pages and I'm excited about it!"

- Aaron Richards

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WARNING: This newsletter program is so successful that you may have to TURN DOWN JOBS because you’ll just be too busy! Be prepared to say goodbye to customers who only complain, and instead focus your attention on your favorite customers who become your referral machine guns!