GOJO® Scrubbing Towels

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GOJO® Scrubbing Towels
  • Hand/skin cleaning wipes
  • Formulated to lift heavy dirt and grime
  • Contains skin conditioners
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Ideal for use in repair shops and industrial settings
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GOJO® Scrubbing Towels, 72 Wipes

Item # MI-SW-EA

Size: 72 Wipes     Qty: 1

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GOJO® Scrubbing Towels, 72 Wipes (6 PK)

Item # MI-SW-CS

Size: 72 Wipes     Qty: 6

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Product Information

Sometimes rough, messy work leaves your hands covered in filth and grime that regular soap just can't remove. For really heavy-duty hand scrubbing, reach for GOJO Scrubbing Wipes.


GOJO Scrubbing Wipes are designed to lift heavy dirt, grease, and grime from skin pores. Special skin conditioners help to prevent dryness and irritation, ensuring hands get clean and stay soft.


Portable, convenient, and easy to use GOJO Scrubbing Wipes are ideal for use in industrial settings, repair shops, shipping/receiving areas, warehouses, and other commercial facilities.


Each towel measures 10.5" x 12".



Brand GOJO
Product Type Wipes
Scent Orange
Category Wipes
Condition New
pH 6.0 -8.5