Fluke TiR32 Building Diagnostics Thermal Imaging Camera

Item # OE-TIR32-EA

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Fluke TiR32 Building Diagnostics Thermal Imaging Camera

Item # OE-TIR32-EA

Each    Qty: 1

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  • 320 x 420 resolution (76,800 pixels) IR image
  • Thermal sensitivity: ≤ 0.04°C and 40 mK
  • Measurement range: -20°C to +150°C (-4°F to +302°F)
  • Outstanding thermal accuracy (+/-2%)

Product Information

The TiR32 is a rugged and highly affordable thermal imager with dew point alarm. This 2.0 megapixel camera provides 320 x 240 resolution for excellent, high-quality images. Built-in IR-Fusion® and SmartView® analyzing and reporting software is included with every model. Clear, crisp images help find problems fast.


Superior image quality

The TiR32 delivers the clear, crisp images needed to find problems fast with its 320 x 240 sensor. Identify even the smallest temperature differences that could indicate problems with industry-leading thermal sensitivity (NETD). Automatic alignment (parallax correction) of visual and infrared images with Fluke patented IR-Fusion Optional telephoto and wide angle lenses available for added versatility and special applications (easily installable in the field).


Easy to use

  • Field replaceable batteries give you maximum flexibility no matter where your work takes you
  • Intuitive, three-button menu is easy to use—simply navigate with the push of a thumb
  • No need to carry pen and paper—record findings by speaking into the imager. Voice annotations can be recorded with every image you take. Voice comments are saved along with individual images for future reference
  • One-handed focus capability, emissivity correction, reflected background temperature compensation, and transmission correction increase the accuracy of measurements in most situations
  • Adjustable hand strap for left-or right-handed use
  • Everything needed to get started is included



  • Optimized for field use in challenging work environments
  • Engineered and tested to withstand a 6-foot drop for the ultimate peace of mind.  When was the last time you dropped a tool or piece of equipment?
  • Withstands dust and water—tested to an IP54 rating



  • Thermal imager with standard infrared lens
  • AC power supply and battery pack charger (including mains adapters)
  • Two, rugged lithium ion smart battery packs
  • SD memory card
  • Multi-format USB memory card reader for downloading images into your computer
  • SmartView® software with free software upgrades for life
  • Rugged, hard carrying case
  • Soft transport bag
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Printed users manual
  • Warranty registration card
Additional Info

Additional Info


  • Temperature measurement range (not calibrated below -10 °C): -20 °C to +150 °C (-4 °F to +302 °F)
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 2 °C or 2 % (at 25 °C nominal, whichever is greater)
  • On-screen emissivity correction: Yes
  • On-screen reflected background temperature compensation: Yes
  • On-screen transmission correction: Yes

    Imaging performance

  • Detector type: 320 X 240 Focal Plane Array, uncooled microbolometer
  • Thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤ 0.04 degrees C and 40 mK
  • Total Pixels:  76,800
  • Infrared spectral band: 7.5 μm to 14 μm (long wave)
  • Visual (visible light) camera: Industrial performance 2.0 megapixel
  • Minimum focus distance: 46 cm (approx. 18 in)
  • Standard infrared lens type:
    • Field of view : 23 ° x 17 °
    • Spatial resolution (IFOV) : 1.25 mRad
    • Minimum focus distance : 15 cm (approx. 6 in)
  • Optional telephoto infrared lens type:
    • Field of view : 11.5 ° x 8.7 °
    • Spatial resolution (IFOV) : 0.63 mRad
    • Minimum focus distance : 45 cm (approx. 18 in)
  • Optional wide-angle infrared lens type:
    • Field of view : 46 ° x 34 °
    • Spatial resolution (IFOV) : 2.50 mRad
    • Minimum focus distance : 7.5 cm (approx. 3 in)
  • Focus mechanism: Manual, one-handed Smart Focus capability

    Image presentation

  • Palettes: Standard : Ironbow, Blue-Red, High Contrast, Amber, Amber Inverted, Hot Metal, Grayscale, Grayscale Inverted
    Ultra Contrast™ : Ironbow Ultra, Blue-Red Ultra, High Contrast Ultra, Amber Ultra, Amber Inverted Ultra, Hot Metal Ultra, Grayscale Ultra, Grayscale Inverted Ultra
  • Level and span: Smooth auto-scaling and manual scaling of level and span
  • Fast auto toggle between manual and auto modes: Yes
  • Fast auto-rescale in manual mode: Yes
  • Minimum span (in manual mode): 2.0 °C (3.6 °F)
  • Minimum span (in auto mode): 3 °C (5.4 °F)

    IR-Fusion® information

  • Automatically aligned (parallax corrected) visual and IR blending: Yes
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP): Three levels of on-screen IR blending displayed in center of LCD
  • Full screen infrared: Three levels of on-screen IR blending displayed in center of LCD
  • Color alarms (temperature alarms): Dewpoint temperature alarm (user-selectable)

    Image capture and data storage

  • Voice annotation: 60 seconds maximum recording time per image; reviewable playback on imager
  •  : The Ti32 allows user to adjust palette, blending, level, span, IR-Fusion® mode, emissivity, and reflected background temperature compensation, and transmission correction on a captured image before it is stored.
  • Image capture, review, save mechanism: One-handed image capture, review, and save capability
  • Storage medium: SD Memory Card (2 GB memory card will store at least 1200 fully radiometric (.is2) IR and linked visual images each with 60 seconds voice annotations, or 3000 basic bitmap (.bmp) images, or 3000 jpeg (.jpeg) images; transferrable to PC via included multi-format USB card reader
  • File formats: Non-radiometric (.bmp) or (.jpeg) or fully-radiometric (.is2) No analysis software required for non-radiometric (.bmp and .jpeg) files
  • Export file formats w/SmartView® software: JPEG, JPG, JPE, JFIF, BMP, GIF, DIB, PNG, TIF, and TIFF
  • Memory review: Thumbnail view navigation and review selection

    General specifications

  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F) without batteries
  • Relative humidity: 10 % to 95% non-condensing
  • Display: 9.1 cm (3.6 in) diagonal landscape color VGA (640 x 480) LCD with backlight (selectable bright or auto)
  • Controls and adjustments:
    • User selectable temperature scale (°C/°F)
    • Language selection
    • Time/Date set
    • Emissivity selection
    • Reflected background temperature compensation
    • Transmission correction
    • User selectable hot spot and cold spot, and center point on the image (other custom markers and shapes in SmartView® software)
    • High temperature alarm
    • User selectable backlight: “Full Bright or “Auto
    • Information display preference
  • Software: SmartView® full analysis and reporting software included
  • Batteries: Two lithium ion rechargeable smart battery packs with five-segment LED display to show charge level
  • Battery life: Four+ hours continuous use per battery pack (assumes 50 % brightness of LCD)
  • Battery charge time: 2.5 hours to full charge
  • AC battery charging: Two-bay ac battery charger (110 V ac to 220 V ac, 50/60 Hz) (included), or in-imager charging. AC mains adapters included. Optional 12 V automotive charging adapter.
  • AC operation: AC operation with included power supply (110 V ac to 220 V ac, 50/60 Hz). AC mains adapters included.
  • Power saving: Sleep mode activated after five minutes of inactivity, automatic power off after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Safety standards: CSA (US and CAN): C22.2 No. 61010-1-04, UL: UL STD 61010-1 (2nd Edition), ISA: 82.02.01
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Meets all applicable requirements in EN61326-1:2006
  • C Tick: IEC/EN 61326-1
  • US FCC: CFR 47, Part 15 Class B
  • Vibration: 0.03 g2/Hz (3.8 grms), IEC 68-2-6
  • Shock: 25 g, IEC 68-2-29
  • Drop: 2 meter (6.5 feet) with standard lens
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 27.7 cm x 12.2 cm x 17.0 cm (10.9 in x 4.8 in x 6.7 in)
  • Weight (battery included): 1.05 kg (2.3 lb)
  • Enclosure rating: IP54 (protected against dust, limited ingress; protection against water spray from all directions)
  • Warranty: Two-years (standard)
  • Recommended calibration cycle: Two-years (assumes normal operation and normal aging)
  • Supported Languages: Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish


Brand Fluke
Category Thermal Imaging Camera
Resolution 320 x 240
Thermal Sensitivity ≤ 0.04 degrees C
Accuracy ± 2 °C or 2
Warranty Information Two-years (standard)
Condition New