Fiberlock ABC FiberSpray

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Fiberlock ABC FiberSpray
  • Ideal for use inside glovebags
  • Designed for small abatement jobs
  • Unique 8 ounce airless spray can
  • Covers 35-40 ft2/can
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Fiberlock ABC FiberSpray, 8 oz

Item # RP-FL6410-EA

Size: 8 oz    Qty: 1

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Fiberlock ABC FiberSpray, 8 oz (12 PK)

Item # RP-FL6410-CS

Size: 8 oz    Qty: 12

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Product Information

Fiberlock ABC FiberSpray Airless Spray Encapsulant  is a convenient means for applying Fiberlock Technologies’ time-proven ABC Asbestos Binding Compound asbestos encapsulant. ABC FiberSpray dispenses encapsulant from a unique 8-ounce “airless-spray” can. 


This CFC-free "airless-spray" technology minimizes asbestos fiber release and permits application of encapsulant in any position, even upside down (ideal for use inside glove bags).


The ABC encapsulant inside each can was found to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) test requirements performed at Battelle Laboratories Under Government Contract# 68-03-2552-T2005. Encapsulation of small, hard-to-access areas can be accomplished quickly and easily, without the need for bulky spray equipment. 


ABC FiberSpray complies with the requirements for LEED® EQ Credit 4.2, low-emitting materials: paints and coatings.


For larger jobs, check out Fiberlock ABC (Asbestos Binding Compound in 5-gallon pails.



Brand Fiberlock
Category Encapsulant/Coating
Color White
EPA Registered Yes
Approved Use Asbestos Remediation
Application Asbestos Abatement
pH 8.5
Condition New