Wide Area Vacuums and Commercial Carpet Sweepers

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  1. Minuteman Wide Area Carpet Vacuum (MPV-31), 30 Inch

    Powerful suction and versatility combine for incredible performance in the Minuteman Wide Area Vac. With a 30-inch cleaning path, this vacuum can clean up to 25,000 sq ft/hour!

    • 30-inch cleaning path
    • Cleans up to 25,000 sq ft/hour
    • Includes onboard accessory tools
  2. Minuteman 747 Wide Area Vacuum with Battery and Charger

    Designed specifically to tackle wide open areas, the Minuteman 747 is the ultra-efficient vacuum of choice. With its 29.5” cleaning path, this powerhouse cleans up to 25,000 square feet per hour!

    • Cleans up to 25,000 sq ft per hour
    • Multiple carpet height adjustments
    • Washable, mildew-resistant needle felt bag
    • 95% filter efficiency at 5 microns
  3. Nobles V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum

    The V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum from Nobles can clean large carpeted areas with nearly four times the productivity of traditional upright vacuums! It features a 30-inch-wide cleaning path and delivers productivity rates of up to 14,000 square feet per hour!

    • 30-inch cleaning path
    • Extra large 45-quart capacity
    • 75-ft power cord
    • Cleans 14,000 sq ft/hour
  4. Nobles V-WA-26 Wide Area Vacuum, 26 Inch
    The 26-inch cleaning path makes short work of wide open areas, helping to improve productivity while reducing labor time. The powerful dual-motor system effectively agitates carpet fibers and lifts away dirt, dust, and debris for a deep-down clean.
    • 26-inch cleaning path
    • Dual-motor; 1.5 HP
    • 10 L capacity
    • 50-ft power cord
    • 74 dBA
  5. Nobles Scout™ 5 Compact Battery Walk-Behind Sweeper, 24 Inch

    Sweep smarter, not harder with the Nobles Scout-series sweepers. Clean your floors in a single pass with TwinMax Sweeping Technology. The twin, counter-rotating brushes combine overthrow and direct sweeping principles to capture large and small debris with one machine.

    • 1.3-cubic foot hopper capacity
    • 24-inch cleaning path
    • On-board 12V charger
    • TwinMax sweeping technology
  6. Sanitaire 28" Wide Area Motorized Sweeper Vacuum

    The Sanitaire Wide Area Motorized Sweeper features a 28-inch cleaning path, helping you to clean up to twice as fast as ordinary upright vacuums. It also features a 3-inch metal brush roll that picks up dirt and heavy debris normally left behind by other models.

    • 28-inch cleaning path
    • 60-ft power cord
    • 82-quart dust capacity
    • Brush speed: 3,500 RPM
  7. Sanitaire Wide Area Sweeper, 32 Inch

    The 32" Wide Area Sweeper from Sanitaire is ideal for sweeping large outdoor venues, such as sidewalks, parking lots, and more. It sweeps up leaves, metal shavings, and even petals, and deposits it into an easy-empty hopper. Non-motorized—requires no cords or batteries!

    • Sweep 10 times faster than a traditional broom
    • Non-motorized; requires no cords or batteries
    • Sweeps up leaves, metal shavings, and even pebbles
    • Rugged design with convenient fold-down handle
  8. Oreck Restaurateur Hoky PR2600 Wet/Dry Sweeper

    The Oreck Restaurateur Wet/Dry Sweeper picks up wet or dry debris with its washable RotorBlade wiper, working as both a carpet and floor sweeper. The super-efficient rotorblade is self-cleaning and outlasts bristle brushes.

    • 9.5-inch cleaning path
    • Great for stairs and under furniture
    • Works on carpet, tile, brick, concrete, terrazzo, and vinyl
    • Picks up both wet and dry debris
    • Edge brushes
  9. Casabella Neon™ Carpet Sweeper

    This compact unit offers durable, all-metal design with a plastic bumper to keep furniture from harm. Forward and backward motion and emptying ease (from either end) are two design features you can count on.

    • Loop on handle for easy storage
    • No cords or batteries
    • Includes snap-on brush
    • Compact design
    • Durable metal construction

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