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At Jon-Don, we know that our truck mount carpet cleaning equipment department plays a big part in making your company a success.With years of experience, our staff knows what works, and who it works for.

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  1. Sapphire Scientific 870SS Truck Mount

    Power. Dependability. The Sapphire Scientific 870SS has it all. This powerhouse offers single or dual wand capability for carpet and hard surface cleaning, plus huge extraction capacity for flood/water damage cleanup. No other truck mount can operate two hard surface tools simultaneously and maintain full heat and pressure!

    • Maintain full heat and pressure
    • Liquid-cooled industrial engine
    • Patented thermal well system
  2. Sapphire Scientific 570 Truck Mount

    This powerful liquid-cooled truck mount delivers high heat while keeping the engine and blower cool, reducing component wear and maintenance costs. This durable unit is built to last and offers the great benefits you've come to expect from Sapphire Scientific.

    • Through-frame drive belt cooling – greatly reduces downtime
    • Full thermostatic control
    • Narrowest liquid-cooled slide-in on the market
  3. Sapphire Scientific Rage Truck Mount

    TheRage is designed to give you the most power and performance in an entry-level truck mount. Designed for single-wand operation, the Rage gives you the cleaning power you want at the value price your business needs.

    • Value-priced with superior engineering
    • Easy to operate
    • Narrow profile – only 17 inches wide!
  4. Sapphire Scientific Pro1200 SE Direct Drive Truck Mount

    Featuring high heat, fuel-efficient operation, a compact footprint, state-of-the-art components, and ease of installation, the Pro-1200 SE sets the new standard for direct drive truckmounts.

    • Small footprint conserves space in your van
    • Triple heat exchangers maximize heat
    • 455 CFM and 3,450 RPM
    • Ultra-quiet operation
    • Equipped with 100-gallon submount water tank
  5. Sapphire Scientific 2500HS Multi-Surface Truck Mount

    Finally, a truck mount the delivers the flow and heated pressure you need to rapidly clean tile, grout, stone, concrete, and more. Plus, the 2500HS offers true versatility: use it as a powerful carpet cleaning truck mount or for restoration extraction.

    • Delivers the pressure and heat for hard surface cleaning
    • Strong, steady heat even in the most demanding applications
    • High-efficiency heat well captures heat from the engine
  6. Sapphire Scientific 370 SS Truck Mount

    The Sapphire Scientific 370SS has a HOT new look with carbon fiber-style details and a backlit front bezel. This top-selling truck mount delivers the hottest water of any truck mount in its class coupled with the strongest vacuum and best fuel efficiency.

    • Carbon fiber-style details and backlit front bezel
    • Smallest cubic size in the industry
    • CRI seal of approval
    • Intuitive control panel simplifies operation
    • Last step chemical injection ensures peak performance
  7. Sapphire Scientific 460 SS Truck Mount

    The Sapphire Scientific 460 is designed from the frame up to deliver peak performance with minimum vibration. The patent-pending air injection drive belt cooling system extends belt life and reduces maintenance costs. The external oil cooler keeps the engine oil 20% cooler, extending the life of the engine while pre-heating the incoming water.

    • Delivers the pressure and heat needed for successful cleaning
    • Premium 35 HP industrial-grade engine; backed by 3-year manufacturer warranty
    • Patented thermal well-finned tube coil design with simplified thermostatic control
    • Last-step chemical injection helps extend pump life
    • Unique through-frame cooling channels air over the belt to extend belt life
  8. Sapphire Scientific Big Gulp 4500 Truck Mount

    Tackle the largest commercial flood loss jobs with the Big Gulp 4500! This heavy-duty flood extractor is designed to do one thing: extract enormous quantities of water. It features dual inlet ports, so two techs can work at the same time, boosting productivity!

    • Sapphire's most powerful extraction truck mount
    • Dual operator capable
    • Belt driven for quiet operation
    • Powdered belt cooling system

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