Prochem Truck Mounts at Jon-Don With one of the best reputations for quality and performance in the carpet cleaning industry, Prochem delivers a wide range of powerful truck mounts designed to meet the needs of any job and any budget. Call one of our specialists to find the right Prochem truck mount for you.

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  1. Prochem Everest HP650 Truck Mount

    The Prochem Everest HP650 Truck Mount provides outstanding vacuum pull for water damage restoration and/or dual-wand operation. It's powered by a 68 HP Hyundai Engine, producing 3,600 RPM and 650 CFM. This workhorse has the power you need for the results your customers demand.

    • Outstanding vacuum for restoration and dual-wand operation
    • Plug-in floodlight—you can keep working even without power
    • Easily diagnose cause of shutdown
    • Helps reduce downtime
  2. Prochem Legend GT Truck Mount

    The Legend GT is a great step-up machine from the Blazer GT providing more heat and power, and the Legend GT is accompanied with a very competitive price.

    • Lower panel is removed quickly for maintenance work
    • Easy to operate and train employees to use
    • 60-gallon fresh water tank; 100-gallon recovery tank
  3. Prochem Blazer GT Truck Mount

    The Prochem Blazer GT is an affordable truck mount that offers the quality components and engineering of a more expensive unit in a simpler, no-hassle design. A durable Briggs and Stratton engine powers the always reliable Sutorbilt vacuum pump and CAT water pump.

    • Easy to operate and train employees to use
    • Chemical mixes with solution as it leaves the machine
    • Great entry-level truck mount
  4. Prochem Apex GTX Truck Mount

    Incorporating a powerful, reliable, liquid-cooled Kubota engine, and combined with a smooth-running Sutorbilt Tri-lobe blower, the Apex GTX is a serious step up from the Peak GTX. This unit delivers the performance you need for large dual-wand commercial jobs or restoration work.

    • Creates up to 1,200 PSI for carpet and hard surface cleaning
    • True dual-wand operation for large commercial jobs
    • Console light illuminates easy-to-read control panel
  5. Prochem Peak GTX Truck Mount

    The Peak GTX includes easy-to-remove hoods along with a new blower/silencer interface that makes operation and maintenance easier than ever. An improved heat exchange system provides plenty of heat for dual-wand operation. Plus the Tri-Lobe blower provides the vacuum you need to get the job done right.

    • 2" dual-wand or 2.5" single-wand operation in the same machine
    • Creates up to 1,000 PSI for carpet and hard surface cleaning
    • Updated hose reduces vibrations from the pump

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