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  1. Extech BR200 Wireless Video Borescope Inspection Camera

    The Video Borescope from Extech allows contractors to easily view and record high-quality images inside wall cavities and other hard-to-reach areas.

    • 39-inch, flexible gooseneck
    • 17 mm, waterproof camera has 2 built-in, bright LED lights
    • Images appear on a 3.5-inch color TFT LCD wireless monitor
    • Video and images can be transferred to your PC
  2. Extech BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera

    The BR80 features a lightweight, waterproof (IP67) 17mm-diameter camera attached to a 39-inch (1 meter) flexible gooseneck cable. This lightweight video borescope allows you to easily view and inspect inside wall cavities, behind machinery, inside HVAC systems and ducting, and other hard-to-reach areas.

    • 39-inch, flexible gooseneck
    • 17 mm, waterproof camera has 2 built-in, bright LED lights
    • Images appear on a 2.4-inch color LCD monitor
    • Glare-free close-up field of view
  3. General Tools ToolSmart™ Video Inspection Camera, TS03

    The ToolSmart Video Inspection Camera features an 8mm camera on a 3.3-foot probe making it easy to inspect wall cavities, ducting, and other hard-to-reach areas. Images are displayed on a color LCD screen and can be wirelessly shared with the FREE ToolSmart app for your smartphone.

    • Minimally invasive—camera is just 8mm wide
    • 3.3-foot long probe for extended reach
    • 960 x 240-pixel color LCD display
    • Wirelessly connects to FREE ToolSmart app
    • Batteries included
  4. General Tools ToolSmart™ Laser Distance Measurer, TS01

    The Laser Distance Measurer allows the user to effortlessly take dimensions up to 100 feet with the push of a button. Plus, when paired with the FREE ToolSmart app on your smartphone, calculating the materials needed for a job is easier than ever!

    • Measurement range: 8" to 100'
    • 2 second max response time
    • Wirelessly transmits data to FREE ToolSmart app
    • Backlit display
    • Batteries included
  5. Extech VPC300 Video Particle Counter with Camera

    When testing areas prone to airborne particles, rely on the highly accurate and extremely affordable Extech VPC300. This particle counter can measure up to 6 channels of particle sizes down to 0.3µm simultaneously, as well as air temp, humidity, dew point, and web bulb.

    • NIST calibrated
    • Measures 6 channels of particle size simultaneously
    • Measures particle sizes down to 0.3 µm
    • Captures both video and picture
    • Reporting software included
  6. General Tools ToolSmart™ Infrared Thermometer, TS05
    The ToolSmart Infrared Thermometer takes fast and accurate temperature measurements from a distance, making it easy to identify hot or cold spots throughout a structure. Readings can be saved to your phone via the free ToolSmart app for thorough documentation and reporting.
    • Temperature range -40° to 1076°F
    • 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio
    • Hi-visibility white on black display
    • Lightweight, easy to use
    • Connects to your smartphone via free ToolSmart app
  7. Extech Wide Range IR Thermometer

    Whether you can reach an area in need of evaluation or not, this wide-range temperature thermometer will give you accurate measurements from -58° to 1,000°F, 0.1° resolution.

    • Temperature range: -58 to 1,000°F
    • Field of view: 8:1
    • Fixed emissivity (0.95) covers 90% of surface applications
    • Great for use in conjunction with heat drying
  8. Tramex Infrared Surface Thermometer

    Featuring a laser target pointer, this handheld IR surface thermometer delivers instant, accurate measurements at a distance. You can comfortably stay on your feet and take measurements on any surface in any direction.

    • Features built-in laser pointer
    • Measures temperatures -40° to 428°F
    • 1°F sensitivity
    • 8:1 distance to spot ratio
  9. Extech Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light Meter

    This rugged, pocket-sized 4-in-1 meter measures humidity, temperature, air velocity, and light

    • Measures humidity, temperature, air velocity, and light
    • Rugged, pocket-sized design
    • Large, easy-to-read dual LCD screen
  10. General Tools ToolSmart™ Digital Angle Finder, TS02

    The ToolSmart Digital Angle Finder calculates the precise angle of any corner (up to 225°) to within three-tenths of a degree. Installing crown molding or flooring into corners is easier than ever! Plus, it wirelessly connects to the FREE ToolSmart app!

    • Measurement range from 0° to 225°
    • Accurate to within 3/10 of a degree
    • Wirelessly transmits data to FREE ToolSmart app
    • Auto power off feature after 5 minutes
    • Battery included
  11. General Tools ToolSmart™ WIFI Flashlight Inspection Camera, TS07

    The ToolSmart WiFi Flashlight Inspection Camera makes it easy to illuminate dark spaces and record your findings. This innovative tool features a high-intensity flashlight and integrated camera that connects to your smartphone using the FREE ToolSmart app.

    • High-intensity flashlight with integrated camera
    • Up to 600 lumens of LED light
    • Wirelessly transmits data to FREE ToolSmart app
    • Live stream video and record images for accurate reporting
    • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery included
  12. FLIR CM83 Power Clamp Meter

    The FLIR CM83 is a clamp meter designed for professional use. It is engineered with advanced power analysis and VFD filtering functions required by electrical troubleshooters. This clamp meter also features a built-in worklight and Bluetooth connectivity.

    • Multiple modes of measurement
    • VFD filtering functions
    • Bluetooth and METERLiNK connectivity 
    • Built-in LED worklights
    • Rugged and shock-resistant
  13. Phoenix Psychrometric Wheel Calculator

    The Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator is a must-have restoration tool. This handy gadget gives you the moisture content information you need to determine a drying strategy and monitor the drying process.

    • Calculates GPP (Grains Per Pound)
    • Calculates dew point
    • Easy to use
  14. Single

    The Rolatape Measure Master measures up to 1,000' easily and efficiently. The 20" handle extends to 30". Single wheel and double wheel available.

    • Measures up to 1,000 feet
    • Available in single or double wheel
    • Handle extends from 20 inches to 30 inches

    Starting at: $42.94

  15. Extension Cable for BR100/BR200/BR250 Video Borescopes

    Increase the reach of your Extech Video Borescope with this 37" extension piece. A max of 2 extensions can be used with your scope, giving you a reach of over 100"

    • 37" (0.95 m) cable length
    • 19 mm diameter connector
    • Maximum 2 extension cables can be connected to the borescope
    • Fits Extech BR100, BR200, and BR250 Video Borescopes

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