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  1. 3M™ LeadCheck Swabs Instant Test Kit

    Since their introduction in 1992, LeadCheck Swabs have been used to detect lead under a wide variety of field test conditions. Recognized by industry professionals for superior accuracy, LeadCheck Swabs are also recognized by the EPA for rapid lead detection.

    • EPA recognized for use on wood, ferrous metal, drywall and plaster surfaces
    • Results in less than 30 seconds

    Starting at: $28.70

  2. Wonder Air Sampling Pump System

    Quickly and easily take air samples for testing to determine if mold, particulates, or pollen is present. This easy-to-use air sampler collects two samples simultaneously, either indoor and out-of-doors comparison or single samples.

    • Free Shipping
    • Easy to use
    • Can collect two samples simultaneously (indoor and outdoor)
    • Air sampler canisters not included
  3. Zefon International Asbestos PCM Cassette, 25 mm (50 PK)

    Each PCM 25 mm air sampling cassette features quality 0.8um MCE Filter Material without grids plus a 2” static conductive extension cowl. These air sampling cassettes are designed and manufactured to meet all applicable NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA standards.

    • Quality 0.8um MCE Filter Material without grids (PCM models)
    • 2" static conductive extension cowl
    • Meets NIOSH 7400/7402 specifications
    • Each cassette is marked with a unique serial number
    • Preloaded—ready to use
  4. Air-O-Cell's Bioaerosol Cassette

    The Air-O-Cell is a unique sampling cassette specifically designed for the rapid collection and quantitative analysis of a wide range of airborne aerosols. It collects both viable and non-viable particulate.

    • For Use with Wonder-Air Sampling Pump
    • Can Be Used with Any 15 LPM Open Flow Pump
  5. Zefon International Air Sampling Cassette with MCE Filter, 37 mm (50 PK)

    These 37 mm Air Sampling Cassettes feature MCE filters and are designed to meet all applicable NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA air sampling standards. All cassette housings are made from durable polystyrene and are pre-loaded under stringent quality assurance standards. 

    • Durable 2-piece polystyrene housing
    • Preloaded at the factory
    • Ready to use
    • Leak-free, reliable design
  6. Zefon International Air-O-Cell® Air Sampling Cassette (10 PK)

    With its proprietary engineered design, ease of use, and compatibility with typical everyday area sampling pumps, the Air-O-Cell sets the new standard in IAQ sampling and analysis. This unique cassette collects both organic and inorganic particulate, including viable and non-viable specimens.

    • Designed for rapid collection
    • Collects both organic and inorganic particulate
    • Collects both viable and non-viable specimens
    • Compatible with standard sampling pumps
    • Small size, compact design
  7. D-Lead Paint Test Kit (24 PK)

    The D-Lead Paint Test Kit is the only test for lead in paint that is recognized by the EPA and verified by the EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (EVT) Program. For use on drywall, plaster, wood, and ferrous metal surfaces.

    • ETV Verified and EPA Recognized for use on drywall, wood & ferrous metal surfaces
    • Test for lead and lead chromate based paints in minutes
    • Most accurate test for lead in paint ever tested by EPA's ETV Program
  8. Extech VPC300 Video Particle Counter with Camera

    When testing areas prone to airborne particles, rely on the highly accurate and extremely affordable Extech VPC300. This particle counter can measure up to 6 channels of particle sizes down to 0.3µm simultaneously, as well as air temp, humidity, dew point, and web bulb.

    • NIST calibrated
    • Measures 6 channels of particle size simultaneously
    • Measures particle sizes down to 0.3 µm
    • Captures both video and picture
    • Reporting software included
  9. Hygiena SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System (ATP Meter)

    The Hygiena SystemSURE PLUS is a palm-sized ATP meter that measures the microbial contamination on a surface in seconds! It's easy to use, extremely sensitive, and very affordable. Consistent use of this tool helps result in faster product turn-around times, safer environments, and reduced liability.

    • Measures Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) molecules
    • Provides measurable data as to the cleanliness of a surface
    • Ultra fast results
    • Test swabs sold separately
  10. Hygiena UltraSnap™ ATP Surface Test Swab (100 PK)

    Hygiena UltraSnap is a user-friendly, all-in-one ATP sampling test used with the SystemSURE meter. This pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, small, and environmentally friendly compared to other ATP swabs.

    • For use with the SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System (ATP Meter)
    • Highly accurate
    • Simple, quick (results in 15 seconds), and user-friendly
    • Tolerant to temperature abuse
    • Perishable, MUST ship Next Day or 2nd Day Air
  11. Hygiena AquaSnap Total ATP Water Test Swabs

    AquaSnap Total measures both free ATP in solution (non-microbial) and microbial ATP. The unique dipper tip collects 100 µl of water, ensuring you can perform a consistent sample collection with every use. Compatible with Hygiena luminometers.

    • For use with the SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System (ATP Meter)
    • Results in 15 seconds
    • Unique liquid-stable reagent provides accuracy and reproducibility
    • Honey dipper collects consistent 100 µl sample
    • Perishable, MUST ship Next Day or 2nd Day Air
  12. Hygiena AquaSnap Free ATP Water Test Swabs

    AquaSnap Free measures dissolved ATP that is free in solution (non-microbial ATP). The patented Snap-Valve™ design enables accurate results with less variation. It is designed for use with the SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System (ATP Meter).

    • For use with the SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System (ATP Meter)
    • Results in 15 seconds
    • Unique liquid-stable reagent provides accuracy and reproducibility
    • Honey dipper collects consistent 100 µl sample
    • Perishable, MUST ship Next Day or 2nd Day Air
  13. Omniguard 5 Cellular Differential Pressure Recorder

    This differential pressure recorder utilizes state-of-the-art pressure measurement technology to accurately monitor differential pressure and/or vacuum levels inside a containment area in real time! Ideal for use during asbestos, lead, and mold abatement jobs, as well as clean room monitoring.

    • Built-in cellular modem
    • Large 4.3" color LCD screen with touch screen navigation
    • Built in Lithium-ion battery for up to 6 hours of power
    • 4 MB of log space—8 times more than the Omniguard 4!
    • Download data on a USB flash drive or connect to PC
  14. Extech Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter

    This pocket-size carbon monoxide meter displays CO levels from 0 to 1,000 ppm on an easy-to-read backlit display. Results have an accuracy level of ±5% or ±10ppm, leaving little room for doubt in your readings.

    • Quickly detects carbon monoxide
    • Displays levels from 0–1,000 ppm; audible alarm starting at 35ppm
    • Easy-to-read backlit display
    • One-button operation
    • Pocket size housing
  15. Mineralab Deluxe Hardness Pick Set

    The Deluxe Hardness Pick Set from Mineralab is unique in that, unlike other mineral hardness testing tools that use minerals or crystal points, Mineralab's picks are made of metals and alloys. This kit determines hardness values equal to 1 through 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

    • Each pick is color-coded for easy identification
    • Includes hardness table for 80 minerals
    • Compact carrying case
  16. White Calcium Chloride (CC) Moisture Test Kit

    The AMT Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kit is the simplest and most effective product to gauge the moisture level in both existing and future flooring locations. These test results will enable you to determine if remedial or preventative measures are required to avoid expensive repairs thereby insuring ultimate longevity of your flooring solutions

    • Calcium chloride
    • ASTM F1869
    • Includes the pH tester
  17. Pro-Lab Mold Test Kit

    Easily and conveniently test for mold in your home, school or office. This mold test kit can be used as your first step in identifying toxic mold spores that may be harmful to health. This kit is safe and easy to use with reliable results. Optional lab analysis available.

    • Offers four methods of collection/testing
    • Safe and easy to use
    • Results returned quicly
    • Does NOT include lab fees!
  18. LaMotte Insta-TEST Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Test Strips (50 PK )

    Insta-TEST Chlorine Dioxide test strips are a convenient and easy way to test for chlorine dioxide levels in sanitized water. These strips are ideal for use with ProKure V liquid to determine solution strength. Range and sensitivity is 0, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 ppm.

    • Measures chlorine dioxide levels
    • Ideal for use with ProKure V liquid ClO2 disinfectant
    • 10 second read time
    • Includes 50 test strips

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