Auto Scrubbers - Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment from Tennant, Nobles Betco & Minuteman.

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  1. Minuteman E17 Auto Scrubber, 17 Inch

    This auto scrubber from Minuteman offers high performance, a compact, sleek design, and the user-friendly features that you need to get the job done fast. With a 12-gallon solution tank and 13-gallon recovery tank, you can easily clean up to 17,000 square feet per hour!

    • Brush speed: 180 RPM
    • 33" squeegee
    • Coverage: 17,000 square feet per hour
    • Small, compact design
    • 12-gallon solution tank; 13-gallon recovery
  2. Minuteman E20 Auto Scrubber, 20 Inch

    This 20" machine features a 33" squeegee, 12-gallon solution tank, and 13-gallon recovery tank. It's designed to maximize your productivity and clean up to 27,000 square feet per hour.

    • Brush speed: 180 RPM
    • 33” squeegee
    • Coverage: 27,000 sq ft/hour
    • 12-gallon solution tank
    • 13-gallon recovery tank

    Price: $3,965.37

    Sale: $3,700.00

  3. Nobles Speed Scrub 15 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber, 15 Inch

    The Nobles Speed Scrub 15 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber has a 15-inch cleaning path, making it ideal for tight, congested areas. With 3-gallon solution tanks, you can achieve up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.

    • 15" cleaning path
    • 3-gallon solution tank
    • Achieve up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time
    • Comfortable Insta-Adjust™ handle adjusts to the operator’s height
  4. Clarke® MA10™ 12E Upright Scrubber

    The MA10 12E is an ultra-compact auto scrubber—hardly bigger than an upright vacuum—that is perfect for cleaning small spaces. It dispenses clean solution, scrubs the floor, vacuums dirty water, and squeegees the floor in a single pass!

    • 12” cleaning path
    • 0.8-gallon solution tank; 1-gallon recovery
    • Brush speed: 2,100 RPM
    • Coverage: 2,434 sq ft/hour
    • 25-foot power cord
  5. Minuteman E20 SPORT Floor Scrubber, 20 Inch

    The E20 SPORT from Minuteman is part of the highly regarded E series line of auto scrubbers. This unit performs daily scrubbing and, thanks to SPORT technology (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats), can also remove the top two coats of finish.

    • Can clean over 27,000 square feet per hour
    • Low deck brush is great for cleaning under obstacles
    • 13-gallon recovery tank
    • Onboard charger included
    • Traction drive
  6. Minuteman E26 Walk-Behind Disc Scrubber with 24V Gel Batteries (E26QPG)

    The E26 features a 26" cleaning path coupled with a 19-gallon solution tank and 19.5-gallon recovery tank, ensuring this efficient mid-size auto scrubber makes short work of any job. From its adjustable handle and scrub deck to a convenient cup holder, this machine is designed for maximum operator comfort.

    • Easy-to-understand controls
    • 26" cleaning path
    • 19-gallon solution tank; 19.5-gallon hygienic recovery tank
    • Productivity: 26,000 sq ft per hour
    • Gel battery provides enough power to clean 75,000 sq ft per charge
  7. Minuteman Port A Scrub, 12 Inch

    The Minuteman Port A Scrub is a compact, portable floor scrubber that delivers outstanding results on just about any type of floor: hard floors, carpet, hardwood—even escalators and people movers!

    • Easy controls require minimal training
    • Compact design fits in small spaces
    • Easy maneuverability; guide the machine with one hand
    • Leaves floors virtually dry
    • Great for high-traffic facilities
  8. Minuteman Port A Scrub, 14 Inch

    Cleaning hard floors in tight or congested areas is a breeze with the Port A Scrub. Thanks to its compact design, this machine can be used under shelves, tables, and chairs—places other machines can’t reach.

    • Scrubs tight, congested areas with ease
    • 18-inch squeegee
    • Cleans 7,500 sq ft/hour
    • Brush speed: 780 RPM
    • 40-foot power cord
    $3,744.40 Add to Cart to See Price
  9. Sanitaire 14" Tag Along  Battery Auto Scrubber

    The Sanitaire 14" Tag Along Scrubber is the perfect replacement for your old mop and bucket. It offers a 14" cleaning path, 3.5-gallon solution tank, and cleans up to 11,300 square feet per hour. The rechargeable battery offers 80 minutes of runtime for maximum productivity.

    • Gel battery provides 80 minutes of run time
    • 3.5-gallon solution tank
    • 4-gallon recovery tank
    • Cleans up to 11,300 square feet per hour
  10. Betco Genie B Mini All Purpose Automatic Scrubber, 14 Inch

    With just a 14-inch cleaning path, the Betco Genie B Mini can go anywhere a mop and bucket can go, yet it delivers far superior cleaning results. Its low-profile design easily fits under desks, chairs, tables, and around obstacles, so you won't be slowed down!

    • Compact and versatile battery-operated automatic scrubber
    • 14-inch cleaning path
    • 1/3 HP motor provides 160 RPM
    • 40 inches of water lift
    • 3 gallon solution/recovery capacity
  11. Nobles Speed Scrub 5, 24 Inch

    The 24-inch Nobles Speed Scrub is an easy-to-use, high-productivity machine. It's great for daily scrubbing or heavy stripping tasks in any environment. It features 10.5-gallon solution tanks and 15-gallon recovery tanks for maximum productivity.

    • Great for daily scrubbing or heavy stripping
    • Great maneuverability and zero-radius turning
    • Coverage: 26,400 sq ft/hour
    • Reduce labor time with a large solution tank
  12. Nobles Speed Scrub 5, 28 Inch
    The 28-inch Nobles Speed Scrub is easy to use and delivers outstanding levels of cleanliness on a consistent basis. The onboard rechargeable battery lets you clean in areas without accessible outlets!
    • Delivers consistent cleaning results
    • Durable rotomolded body
    • Quiet operation, just 69 dBA
    • Easy to transport
    • Features onboard parabolic squeegee
  13. Nobles Speed Scrub 5, 32 Inch
    Power through large areas with this 32-inch-wide auto scrubber from Nobles. This rugged, dependable machine delivers great results on jobs large and small.
    • Great for daily scrubbing or heavy stripping
    • 10.5-gallon solution tank; 15-gallon recovery tank
    • Great maneuverability and zero-radius turning
    • Cleans up to 23,800 square feet per hour
    • 3-hour run time
  14. Tennant 5680 Auto Scrubber, 28 Inch

    The 28" Tennant Standard 5680 dual disc auto scrubber cleans up to 33,320 square feet per hour. And since it's just 28" wide, it easily fits through narrow doorways and makes short work of hallways and other areas.

    • Quiet cleaning technology; just 75 dBA
    • Easy to operate
    • 30-gallon solution tank; 40-gallon recovery tank
    • Cleans up to 33,320 square feet per hour
  15. Tennant 5680 Auto Scrubber, 32 Inch

    The Tennant Standard 5680 dual disc auto scrubber delivers consistent floor cleaning results with every pass. With its large capacity solution and recovery tanks, the 5680 lets you scrub longer—up to 3.5 hours—between empty and fill cycles. Just-scrubbed floors are clean, dry, and safe for traffic in seconds.

    • Quiet cleaning technology; just 75 dBA
    • Easy to operate
    • Obtains maximum solution recovery
  16. Tennant 5680 Auto Scrubber, 36 Inch

    With a heritage of superior design and engineering, the 5680 delivers the consistent performance, reliable operation and quality assurance cleaning professionals need along with the success they desire.

    • Quiet cleaning technology
    • Designed for ease of use and to prevent fatigue
    • Obtains maximum solution recovery
  17. Tennant 5700 Auto Scrubber, 28 Inch

    The Tennant 5700 Auto Scrubber is an industrial grade walk-behind scrubber that provides consistent, quality cleaning results even in the harshest environments. It delivers up to 200 lbs of downward pressure for intense scrubbing results.

    • Designed for durability
    • Aggressive scrubbing for heavily soiled areas
    • Added versatility with the optional power wand
    • Sound level of 75 dBA
  18. Tennant 5700 Auto Scrubber, 32 Inch

    This industrial grade walk-behind scrubber provides 200 lbs of downward cleaning pressure and delivers brush speeds of up to 320 RPM. Its 32-inch cleaning path makes short work of large areas.

    • Designed for durability
    • Aggressive scrubbing for heavily soiled areas
    • Added versatility with the optional power wand
    • Sound level of 75 dBA
  19. Tennant 5700 36-Inch Walk Behind Disc Scrubber

    This 36-inch walk-behind auto scrubber delivers high productivity rates and is designed for cleaning your largest facilities quickly and efficiently. With 320 RPM and 200 lbs of downward pressure, even the dirties floors come clean in no time.

    • 36-inch cleaning path
    • Up to 300 lbs down pressure
    • Designed for durability
    • Aggressive scrubbing for heavily soiled areas
    • Sound level of 75 dBA
  20. Minuteman E Ride 21 Ride-On Auto Scrubber, 21 Inch

    Featuring a 21” cleaning path, the E Ride 21 is a compact, high-performing auto scrubber that is ideal for big scrubbing jobs. It features a 14.5-gallon solution and recovery tank, and is capable of cleaning up to 30,000 square feet per hour.

    • 21" cleaning path
    • 360-degree turning radius
    • 14.5-gallon solution and recovery tanks
    • Working speed: 1–3 MPH
    • Productivity: 30,000 sq ft per hour
  21. Minuteman E Ride 26 Ride-On Auto Scrubber, 26 Inch

    The Minuteman E Ride 26 Ride-on Automatic scrubber boasts a 26” scrub deck to make short work of large areas. With 27-gallon solution/recovery tanks, you can go for long stretches without having to fill and empty the machine.

    • Covers 26,000 sq ft per hour
    • 360-degree turning radius
    • Designed for ergonomic operator comfort
  22. Basic Coatings® Dirt Dragon™ Wood Floor Scrubber, 15 Inch

    Basic Coatings Dirt Dragon is specifically engineered to clean wood floors without damaging the finish. This machine makes wood floor care easy! Features like a custom-designed cylindrical brush and powerful vacuum recovery system make cleaning even the dirtiest wood floors a cinch!

    • Cleans wood floors without damaging the finish
    • Custom-designed scrub brush
    • 15-inch cleaning path
    • 800 RPM
    $2,723.08 Add to Cart to See Price
  23. Simpla 20 (DEMO/USED)

    The Simpla 20 is an easy to push, brush drive auto scrubber. The excellent maneuverability and great sight lines make this a popular choice for economical floor scrubbing.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 20-inch scrub path
    • Ergonomically designed controls
    • Large rear fill opening
  24. Nobles Speed Scrub® 300 Orbital Scrubber with ec-H2O (DEMO/USED)

    The Speed Scrub Orbital 300 features a rectangular scrub head that applies even pressure from edge to edge, reaching into corners and hugging edges. It pulverizes the top layers of floor finish, turning it into a fine powder that is quickly recovered. This versatile machine can also be used for daily scrubbing applications.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Removes floor finish; doubles as a daily floor scrubber
    • 20-inch cleaning path
    • 0.60 HP
    • 2,200 RPM
    • Quiet, just 70 dBA

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