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  1. Tramex CME4 Concrete Moisture Encounter

    The Tramex CME4 Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter allows you to easily check the moisture content of concrete floors during the drying out period. This easy-to-use non-penetrating meter delivers instant readings from a depth of up to 5/8 of an inch.

    • Free Shipping
    • Test concrete in seconds
    • Reads moisture content up to 6% concrete
    • 5/8-inch depth reading
    • No need to drill or damage the concrete
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  2. Tramex CRH Humidity Hood

    This insulated RH hood is designed for use with the Tramex CRH and CRHKIT.

  3. Tramex RH Sleeves

    These replacement RH hole liners, sleeves, and seals are designed for use with the Tramex Relative Humidity Probe.

    • Sleeve and seal
    • For use with Tramex Relative Humidity Probe
    • Available in sets of 12, 50 and 100

    Starting at: $35.00

  4. Protimeter MMS2 Survey Kit with Soft Pouch (BLD8800-S)

    The all new MMS2 represents the latest Protimeter technology in one intuitive, robust and fully functional design. If you’re surveying buildings, inspecting a home, drying a building after a flood, or testing concrete moisture for a flooring application, the MMS2 is the solution for you.

    • Free Shipping
    • Four-In-One Meter
    • Pin and Pinless Moisture Measurement
    • Non-Contact IT temperature Measurement
    • Fast responding relative humidity and temperature measurement
  5. Protimeter MMS2 Flooring Kit

    The MMS2 Flooring Kit from Protimeter was developed to help concrete surface prep contractors and restoration professionals meet the ASTM F2170-11 standard for “in situ” humidity testing in concrete slabs. It includes all the necessary measuring accessories for taking accurate readings in slabs 4"–6" thick.

    • Free Shipping
    • Developed to meet ASTM F2170-11 standards
    • Adjustable sleeves allow for taking measurements in 4" to 6" slabs
    • Mini Hygrostick sensors are reusable
    • Protimeter MMS2 Meter sold separately
  6. Delmhorst HT-4000 Thermo-Hygrometer Flooring Package

    Combination meters are great and have their place, but sometimes you just need a dependable stand-alone thermo-hygrometer for fast, accurate measuring. The HT-4000F is a rugged thermo-hygrometer with a detachable sensor, making it ideal for testing a concrete slab according to the ASTM F2170 standard.

    • Free Shipping
    • Includes RH/T-S3 sensor for concrete testing
    • Humidity range: 0% to 100%
    • Temperature range: -40° to 255°F
    • Dew point range: -40° to 176°F
  7. Wagner Rapid RH 4.0 EX Complete Starter Kit

    The Rapid RH Starter Kit is the most accurate way to measure moisture in concrete to see if it is ready to be coated.

    • Includes Everything You Need to Get Started
    • Over 30 equipment accessories
  8. Wagner Rapid RH 4.0 Smart Sensor/Easy Reader Pack
    These Smart Sensors are factory calibrated to ensure the accuracy and fast equilibration of every sensor. This pack includes the Easy Reader as well as many "must-haves," such as protective caps, inserts, and a floor map.
    • Factory calibrated using CMOSSense technology
    • Touch-n-Sense technology allows endless immediate readings
    • Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate
  9. Wagner Rapid RH 4.0 Smart Sensor Pack

    This Rapid RH 4.0 Smart Sensor Pack works with the Rapid RH 4.0 Easy Readers.

    • Replacement pack of smart sensors
    • Includes caps and inserts
    • 5 of each replacement items included in pack
  10. Mineralab Deluxe Hardness Pick Set

    The Deluxe Hardness Pick Set from Mineralab is unique in that, unlike other mineral hardness testing tools that use minerals or crystal points, Mineralab's picks are made of metals and alloys. This kit determines hardness values equal to 1 through 10 on the Mohs' Hardness Scale.

    • Each pick is color coded for easy identification
    • Includes hardness table for 80 minerals
    • Compact carrying case
  11. White Calcium Chloride (CC) Moisture Test Kit

    The AMT Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kit is the simplest and most effective product to gauge the moisture level in both existing and future flooring locations. These test results will enable you to determine if remedial or preventative measures are required to avoid expensive repairs thereby insuring ultimate longevity of your flooring solutions

    • Calcium chloride
    • ASTM F1869
    • Includes the pH tester
  12. Horiba IG-320 Gloss Checker
    The low-cost, high-quality Horiba IG-320 Gloss Checker is a super easy-to-use, single-key operation gloss meter. View continuous measurements as you move the IG-320 along a surface or press a key to save your measurement.
    • Free Shipping
    • Measure instantaneously
    • Save up to 99 gloss measurements
    • Easy-to-use, single-key operation
    • Measuring angle 60°

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