Concrete Power Trowels and Mixing Equipment

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  1. Scanmaskin Battery Driven Power Trowel

    The Scanmaskin Battery-Driven Power Trowel makes applying resin-based floor coatings with natural or colored quartz sand fast and easy. Instead of working on your hands and knees to trowel your coating, you can stay on your feet and let the machine do the work for you.

    • 19-inch diameter
    • Comes with 3 batteries; each provides 40–45 minutes of use
    • 5 different blade options for a variety of uses and surfaces
  2. Boren Power Trowel, Gas

    The Boren Power Trowel may be small in size, but this gas-powered trowel features a reliable 6.5 HP Honda GX200 engine that puts out a surprising amount of power! Applying epoxy coatings and other flooring systems to large areas of concrete has never been so easy.

    • Adjustable pitch moved 35 degrees in either direction
    • Threaded DuraSoft® handle
    • DuraSoft® blade ensures consistent finishes and long life
    • Replacement blades allow different blade sizes to be used
  3. Portamix MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station, 23 Gallon

    The MEGA HIPPO is designed to boost productivity, reduce physical effort, and dramatically reduce labor costs. it easily accommodates up to 23 gallons (350 lbs or 6-bag batches) of cement screeds, grout, mortar, textured coatings, sealants, adhesives, and other self-leveling compounds.

    • Easy operation—one person can mix, transport, and pour
    • Accurately place material directly onto the floor
    • Produces excellent mix consistency
    • Ideal for mixing in bulk and dispensing into small containers
    • Pre-tinted material is easily blended
  4. Replacement Canister for Portamix MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station, 23 Gallon

    This replacement red canister fits the Portamix MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station model 80F-RL.

    • 23-gallon capacity
    • Use with liner MG-PH705-EA
    • Replacement canister
  5. PortaMix® Pelican Cart with Canister

    The Pelican Cart works with the PortaMix HIPPO Mixing Station. This handy accessory is designed to easily and conveniently transport and pour full loads of mixed overlay material around large concrete surface prep jobs.

    • For use with the PortaMix HIPPO Mixing Station
    • Great with epoxy and cement overlays
    • Heavy-duty casters and 360-degree maneuverability
    • Comes with 20-gallon rimmed canister
  6. EHR 20 R Handheld Mixer, 10.5 Amp

    The EHR 20 R is a powerful handheld mixer designed to thoroughly mix medium- to high-viscosity powder and liquid materials. This mixer is ideal for use with plaster, latex, mortar, epoxy, self-leveling compounds, and other compounds.

    • Ideal for mixing medium- to high-viscosity materials
    • Load speed: 250–580 RPM
    • Weighs only 11.5 lbs
    • Handles 120 lb batches (3 bag, 25 gallon capacity)
    • 5.4–5.6" diameter mixing paddle
  7. EHR 23/1.3 R Portable Mixer Drill, Variable Speed

    This powerful, portable mixing drill is ideal for mixing up to 200 lbs of high-viscosity materials, including epoxy, mortars, plasters, cement, quartz-containing resins and flooring compounds, insulation, and more.

    • Powerful unit for tough, continuous use
    • Designed for use with high-viscosity materials
    • 14.5 amps, 110 Volts
    • Load speed 100–275 RPM
    • Comes with MG 160 paddle
  8. EZR 22 Twin Handheld Mixer

    The EZR 22 is a dual-paddle mixer that offers two choices for paddle rotation, clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing you to properly mix multiple types of materials. Comes complete with paddles, each measuring 4 3/4" in diameter with an 8 1/4" working width.

    • Offers two mixing directions
    • Counter-rotating blades reduce counter-torque
    • 10.5 amp / 110 Volt
    • Mix up to 1,200 pounds per hour
    • Comes with paddles
  9. Collomix Xo 1 Power Mixer Handheld Mixing Drill

    The Collomix Xo 1 Handheld Mixing Drill is a high-quality drill designed for mixing up to 10.5 gallons. It is ideal for mixing concrete epoxies, cement, plaster, mortar, and more. 

    • Reduced noise
    • Adjusted working height
    • Electronic speed control
    • 0–650 RPM
    • Mixing volume up to 10.5 gallons
  10. Collomix Xo 6 Power Mixer Handheld Mixing Drill

    The Collomix Xo 6 is a powerful, sturdy handheld mixer designed for your most demanding mixing jobs. It can handle up to 23 gallons of mixing volume, and can be used with screed, concrete, quartz-filled epoxy resin, and plastic (depending on the mixing basket).

    • Heavy-duty, ergonomic design
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Handles up to 23 gallons of mixing volume
    • Includes two MK160HF paddles
  11. Collomix Xo 55 Duo Paddle Mixer

    The Collomix Xo 55 features two counter-rotating stirrers that focus their energy at the substance being mixed, meaning there's no counter-torque the user has to fight to use the machine. This handheld mixer is ultra efficient and moves even the most heavy and viscous materials with ease.

    • HEXAFIX quick-action coupling
    • Electronic speed control
    • Upright working position
  12. BOSCH SDS-Plus Rotary Chipping Hammer RH328VC

    For accurate and fast chiseling, the SDS-Plus Chipping Hammer is the professional contractor's preferred choice.

    • Ideal for light/medium demolition work
    • Free technical support!
    • SDS connect for quick tool changes
  13. BOSCH SDS-Max Demolition Hammer Model 11316EVS

    The BOSCH SDS-Max Demolition Hammer is the professional contractor's favorite tool. It's known for compact power, an easy-to-use design, and excellent dependability. It only does one job - but it does it like nothing else can!

    • A MUST-HAVE for floor demolition
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
    • A favorite of professional contractors!
  14. Portamix MEGA HIPPO Replacement Liner

    This replacement liner fits the Portamix MEGA HIPPO 23-gallon mixing station.

    • Replacement liner for OE-HIP80FRL-EA
    • Will not fit old models
    • 23-gallon capacity

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