Concrete Joint Saws

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  1. Perfect Trac Crack Saw

    The Perfect Trac Crack Saw features a low center of gravity and weight-driven design that yields cleaner cuts with less vibration and little to no chipping in the concrete. The solid aluminum construction is durable and lightweight, ensuring this heavy-duty saw holds up well on the roughest jobs.

    • Self-adjusting safety guard
    • Four-way adjustable handle
    • Easy motor replacement
    • Cut to 1.5-inch depth!
    • Uses blade SB-7TIGER90-EA
  2. Gorilla Tank 10" Dustless Concrete Joint Saw

    The Gorilla 10" Tank is a slim, portable, and dustless electric cleanout saw that is ideal for joint cleanout applications on new construction, remodeling, or demolition jobs. In addition to joint cleanout, it's also great for caulk cutting, concrete cutting, and decorative applications.

    • Comes standard with Metabo saw
    • 3.5" cutting depth
    • Easy to transport
    • 2" vacuum port for virtually dust-free cutting
    • Built-in heavy-duty blade guide
  3. Gorilla Silverback 9" Dustless Joint Saw and Crack Chaser

    The Gorilla 9" Silverback is an ultra-durable, user-friendly joint saw designed to provide smooth, precise cuts day in and day out. It cuts to a depth of up to 2 3/8” and has excellent blade visibility. Large 4" x 2" wheels with precision bearings and lockable swivel casters for straight cuts or crack chasing.

    • Ideal for crack chasing or straight line joint cutting
    • Excellent blade visibility
    • Large precision bearing wheels and lockable swivel casters
    • Made of heavy duty 1/4" thick welded steel—no plastic
    • Cuts to a depth of 2 3/8"
  4. CracVac, Decorative Package

    Sawtec CracVac - Decorative Package. Use this versatile saw for routing random cracks, decorative crack cutting, and joint cleanout.

    • Ideal joint saw for epoxy flooring
    • 110V power with dust control
    • Uses 1/4" or .375 tuck point blades!
  5. US Saws Dust Buggy Joint Cleanout Saw

    The Dust Buggy is a portable electric joint cleanout saw that is ideal for joint cleanout/caulk cutting as well as concrete cutting and decorative applications. It can be used with a 7" or 8" blade to reach a maximum cutting depth of approximately 2 inches.

    • Cleans joints at a rate of 20–60 FPM
    • Cuts to a depth of up to 2" when fitted with an 8" blade
    • Robust, solid aluminum chassis design
    • Polyurethane wheels
    • Several motor options to meet different job requirements
  6. JS-130 Joint Cleanout Saw with 13 HP Gas Engine

    This gas-powered walk-behind saw is used for joint cleanout, concrete sawing, and trench cutting. The blade guard design with upcut rotation permits easy dust extraction and easy connection to your dust collection system. Cleans joints at a rate of 20–60 feet per minute.

    • Great for joint repair
    • Joint cleanout rate of 20–60 feet per minute
    • 3" max depth cut
    • Uses dry diamond blades

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