Carpet Repair and Installation Tools - Everything the Professional Installer Needs

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  1. Crain Seam Squeezer (1 SET)

    These powerful squeezing springs force cushion-back carpet together, producing an improved seam.

    • Seam squeezer set, sold in pairs
    • The inward pressure can be perfectly regulated as desired
    • Holds nap while maintaining force
    • Produces improved seam
  2. Crain Staple Remover

    This heavy-duty tool speeds removal of staples in underlayments or in carpets stapled close to the wall. Constructed of aluminum with steel staple hook.

    • For removing staples in underlayments and carpets
    • Aluminum construction with hardened steel staple hook
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
  3. Carpet Awl, 2 1/2 Inch

    This 2.5-inch carpet awl is used to disengage carpets at corners.

    • Disengages carpet at corners
    • Same-day shipping!
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
  4. Crain Tool Pouch
    Made of top quality grain leather and constructed to withstand rugged use day in and day out, this tool pouch is the perfect accessory to store your knives safely on your belt.
    • Quality grain leather
    • Safe storage of knives on belt
    • Withstands rugged use
  5. Blades for the Crain Tackless Strip Cutter (12 PK)

    Package of 12 blades for the Tackless Strip Cutter: IR-DSC-EA.

    • Use with Tackless Strip Cutter
    • Package of 12 blades
    • Same-day shipping!
  6. Crain Stair Tool

    This nickel-plated stair tool measures 4" x 8" and is constructed of tough, durable alloy steel to withstand hammering. Also features a cushion handle for comfort.

    • Durable alloy steel
    • Withstands hammering
    • Perfect taper that won't cut the carpet
    • Nickel-plated tool
    • Cushion handle for comfort
  7. Crain Glue Gun
    This glue gun features a special trigger design with a feed control limiter to help stop glue backflow and resulting damage to the gun.
    • Trigger design has a feed control
    • Stops glue backflow to prevent damage to the gun
    • Same-day shipping!
  8. Crain Glue Sticks (24 PK)

    Package of 24 four-inch hot glue sticks for carpet seaming.

    • 4-inch glue sticks
    • Used with Glue Gun: IR-GG-EA
    • Great for carpet seaming
  9. Utility Knife

    This utility knife features heavy-duty die-cast zinc or aluminum housings with ground and honed high-carbon steel blades. It has a thumb knob for easy opening and the blade stores internally for safe keeping.

    • Ground and honed high-carbon steel blades
    • Internal blade storage
    • Die-cast zinc or aluminum housings
    • Thumb knob for easy opening
  10. Blades for the Crain Top Cutter (10 PK)

    Package of 10 blades for the Crain Top Cutter.

    • Same-day shipping!
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
    • Free technical support!
  11. Blades for the Deluxe Edge Trimmer (12 PK)

    Package of 12 replacement blades for the Deluxe Edge Trimmer: IR-DCT-EA.

    • Fits deluxe edge trimmer
    • 12 replacement blades
    • Same-day shipping!
  12. Warner Razor Blades, 1 1/2 Inch (100 PK)

    These single-edge razor blades fit the 1.5" Warner Utility Scraper. The super-sharp edge is ideal for scraping adhesives stickers, paint chips, and more. Designed for easily installation. Packaged 100 per box.

    • 1.5" blades
    • Designed to fit the 1.5" Warner Utility Scraper
    • Easy to install
  13. Personna ArmorEdge Square Corner Blue Carpet Blades (100 PK)
    Personna Blue Carpet Blades are exceptionally sharp and durable. These slotted blades cut through carpet backing and other tough materials with ease.
    • Precision ground for superior sharpness
    • Square corner design
    • Fits all standard carpet knives
  14. Crain Slotted Carpet Blades (100 PK)
    Box of 100 heavy-duty round edge slotted blades for the deluxe carpet knife. Fits other knives that accept rounded edge slotted blades.
    • Fits the deluxe carpet knife
    • Box of 100 blades
    • Rounded edge slotted blades
  15. Crain Jiffytex Seam Sealer (16 oz)

    Crain Jiffytex Seam Sealer is the professional carpet installer's preferred choice for creating durable, long-lasting seals in carpet. This pure, natural rubber dries quickly, and can be power-stretched in as little as 15–30 minutes. 

    • Pure, natural rubber formulation
    • Dries quickly and can be power-stretched in just 15–30 minutes
    • Won't crystalize or crack with age, friction, or vibration
  16. Crain Magnetic Tack Holder
    This Magnetic Tack Holder securely holds carpet tacks in place, making carpet installation/re-installation jobs a breeze. This hexagon-shaped tool measures 5 1/2" long. The powerful magnet is guaranteed for life!
    • No more smashing your fingers putting in tacks
    • Great for stairs
    • Gets down into the carpet fibers
  17. Superlight Rubber Foam Knee Pads

    Bon's super-light molded rubber foam knee pads with entrapped air provide maximum cushion and comfort, making them a favorite of contractors everywhere. Flexible rubber straps are slotted to fit over buttons. Waterproof to keep you dry.

    • Molded rubber with entrapped air for maximum cushion
    • Flexible rubber straps are slotted to fit over buttons
    • Waterproof
    • Sold in pairs
  18. Molding Lifter

    Use this tool to lift and pry up a variety of materials for inspection and remediation while leaving original wall and floor coverings undamaged. Notched for nail or brad pulling.

    • Pry up various materials
    • Leaves wall and floor coverings undamaged
    • Notched for nail or brad pulling
    • Great tool to help for inspection

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