Carpet Repair and Installation Tools - Everything the Professional Installer Needs

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  1. Cookie Cutter Carpet Repair Kit

    This cookie cutter is ideal for fast and simple repair of burns and other minor carpet damage. Self adhesive disk eliminates need for glue kit. Includes cookie cutter tool, extra blade, six disks, and instruction booklet

    • Cookie cutter for fast and simple repairs
    • Includes tool, extra blade and 6 disks
    • Self adhesive disk eliminates need for glue kit
  2. Blades Cookie Cutter (10 PK)

    Replacement blades for Crain Cookie Cutter. Ten replacement blades give you 5 exchanges for your cutter.

    • Replacement blades for Crain Cookie Cutter
    • 10 blades give you 5 exchanges
    • Same-day shipping!
  3. Crain Loop Pile Cutter
    The 30-degree angle of the Crain Loop Pile Cutter cuts better, particularly today's stiff carpet backings. The adjustable throat accommodates various thickness of backings, using standard slotted blades.
    • Cuts through even stiff backings
    • 30-degree angle of the blade cuts better
    • Adjustable throat accommodates various thicknesses of backings
    • Uses standard slotted blades
  4. Crain Cushion Back Cutter

    Designed especially for trimming and cutting super-dense 5/64" gauge foam or sponge-backed carpets

    • The long slender front guide is beveled at the bottom
    • The tool has comfortable, plastic handle
    • Trimming and cutting super-dense 5/64-inch gauge foam
    • Cuts row close and clean for better seams
    • Durable stainless steel
  5. Crain Deluxe Edge Trimmer

    Four positions for different pile height and density. Shim height adjustment system.

    • Features easy loading blade
    • Accommodate varying pile height and density
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
  6. Crain Deluxe Carpet Knife
    This deluxe carpet knife is perfect for slicing and trimming carpet. The ingenious design lets you remove and replace blades without dismantling the knife. This knife also features a rear-loading blade magazine for quick access to extra blades. Made of cast aluminium with a bright polished surface for durability.
    • Remove and replace blades without dismantling the knife
    • Blade storage in knife handgrip
    • Rear-loading blades
    • Cast aluminum with polished surface
  7. Replacement Scraper Blades for Crain Big Scraper (9 PK)

    These replacement blades fit the Crain Big Scraper (IR-375-EA). Pack of 9 replacement blades.

    • 8-inch scraper blade
    • Fits Crain Big Scraper
    • Sold 9 per pack
  8. Blades for the Crain Tackless Strip Cutter (12 PK)

    Package of 12 blades for the Tackless Strip Cutter: IR-DSC-EA.

    • Use with Tackless Strip Cutter
    • Package of 12 blades
    • Same-day shipping!
  9. Blades for the Crain Top Cutter (10 PK)

    Package of 10 blades for the Crain Top Cutter.

    • Same-day shipping!
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
    • Free technical support!
  10. Blades for the Deluxe Edge Trimmer (12 PK)

    Package of 12 replacement blades for the Deluxe Edge Trimmer: IR-DCT-EA.

    • Fits deluxe edge trimmer
    • 12 replacement blades
    • Same-day shipping!
  11. Warner Razor Blades, 1 1/2 Inch (100 PK)

    These single-edge razor blades fit the 1.5" Warner Utility Scraper. The super-sharp edge is ideal for scraping adhesives stickers, paint chips, and more. Designed for easily installation. Packaged 100 per box.

    • 1.5" blades
    • Designed to fit the 1.5" Warner Utility Scraper
    • Easy to install
  12. Crain Slotted Carpet Blades (100 PK)
    Box of 100 heavy-duty round edge slotted blades for the deluxe carpet knife. Fits other knives that accept rounded edge slotted blades.
    • Fits the deluxe carpet knife
    • Box of 100 blades
    • Rounded edge slotted blades

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