FLIR E40bx Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with MSX and 2x Digital Zoom

Item # OE-E40BX2-EA

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FLIR E40bx Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with MSX and 2x Digital Zoom

Item # OE-E40BX2-EA

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  • 160 x 120 resolution (19,200 pixels) IR image
  • Thermal sensitivity: <0.045°C at 30°C
  • Measurement range:-4 to 248°F -20 to 120°C
  • Bluetooth and WiFi built-in

Product Information

You won’t find this many features on any other IR camera in this price range


Troubleshoot more efficiently, create detailed reports easier, and share images and findings faster with FLIR’s E-Series thermal imagers. Featuring a fresh array of imaging, communication, and productivity tools to help you get more done in a day.


NEW! MSX Thermal Image Enhancement - Numbering, labels. and other key features aren’t always apparent in a regular thermal image, often requiring a separate photo for reference. Instead, MSX virtually etches those visual details onto the infrared image in real time to create an all-in-one, thermal picture that shows exactly where problems are heating up. 

NEW! Auto screen orientation - Switch between landscape and portrait view to optimize your field of view while keeping the temperature measurement overlays upright on the LCD no matter how you hold the camera.

Superior Thermal Imaging – Up to 19,200 pixels (160 × 120) for better long-range accuracy and the highest level of point & shoot  camera IR resolution.

Improved Digital Camera – 3.1 megapixel resolution provides clearest visible light pictures in its class and includes bright LED lamp that doubles as a flashlight.

Large Landscape Touchscreen – Brighter than other brands, the E-Series bx touchscreen provides an intuitive interface that takes full advantage of the entire 3.5” display with no image cropping. With the latest Dark Precision touchscreen interface at your fingertips, you’ll be able to instantly tap into multiple temperature measurement tools, image modes, archived JPEGs, and more, so setting and getting it right is never a hassle. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity – Send images and data to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to share reports and critical information quickly using the FLIR Viewer app. Stream live thermal video so co-workers can watch along. Import radiometric JPEGs, adjust contrast and color, add more measurement tools, then package images in concise reports and email findings right from the field to expedite critical decisions. 

Laser Pointer – Pinpoints a reference spot with a laser and aligns a marker to it on the image for precise detection.


Accurate Temperature Measurements – Accuracy calibrated within 2% or +/– 2°C to meet the standard you can always trust FLIR to deliver.

Scalable P-i-P and Thermal Fusion – Overlay thermal and visible images for easy location identification and clearer documentation.

Multiple Measurements – Add up to three box areas and three moveable spots using the touchscreen to gather more detailed temperature information.

MeterLink – Wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support findings and decisions.

Annotation – Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset and text  notes from the touchscreen keypad.

Optional Optics and Full Focus Control – A variety of interchangeable lenses let you switch to wide angle for capturing more of the scene in one shot or telephoto to see and measure temperatures on distant and smaller targets. Manual focus helps you dial in the sharpest clarity and finest accuracy.


Other Unique and Beneficial Features:

  • LED lamp and laser pointer for lighting dark settings and marking locations in visual photos; illumination provides extra visible detail for MSX enhancement. 
  • Bluetooth communication sends data from MeterLink-enabled clamp and moisture meters to the camera, embedding it into thermal images as you capture them. 
  • Higher thermal sensitivity at <0.045°C helps you see more subtle temperature differences and heat patterns that make finding moisture intrusion, pest infestations, and more much easier.




Brand Flir
Category Thermal Imaging Camera
Resolution 160 × 120 pixels
Thermal Sensitivity < 0.045°C
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2%
Condition New