Wacker Neuson HI 300HD Indirect Fired Air Heater

Item # OE-HI300HD-EA

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Wacker Neuson HI 300HD Indirect Fired Air Heater

Item # OE-HI300HD-EA

Each    Qty: 1


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  • 300,000 BTUs
  • 2,531 CFM
  • Runs on No. 1 or No. 2 Diesel
  • Up to 200-degree outlet temperature
  • Large 58.5-gallon fuel tank

Product Information

Introducing the HI 300HD
A compact, diesel-powered indirect-fired air heater that delivers 245,475 BTUs with a 27-hour run time!
(Most comparable 300,000-BTU heaters deliver less than 240,000 BTUs)


A Consistent, Safe Heat Source
Indirect fired air heat provides a consistent and safe heat source without the use of an open flame, combustion carbons, or water. In fact, the HI 300HD can operate inside a structure so long as the combustion can be exhausted to the outside. This feature is especially handy on extremely cold, wet days.


The HI 300HD also offers the contractor the ability to recirculate the air. By recirculating the hot air, less fuel and fewer BTUs are needed, resulting in faster, more efficient drying capability.


Multiple Ducting Options
The HI 300HD provides 2,531 CFM and 0.8 inch static pressure, giving you enough power to run 50 feet of ducting from the unit into the structure. The HI 300HD features two 12” ducts, so you can run two 25-foot sections of ducting, giving you more coverage and the ability to dry two areas at once.


Plus, the HI 300HD comes complete with duct clamps on the unit, so there’s no need to search for or purchase a strap.

Reliable Performance
When other heaters struggle (or simply fail) to ignite at -10°F, the HI 300HD is designed to fire at -40°F. It’s unique design equalizes the temperature, allowing for dependable ignition even in the most frigid of conditions.


In addition, because the HI 300HD uses diesel fuel (#1 or #2 - kerosene), which is readily available at any gas station.


Consistent 24-Hour Performance
The HI 300HD features an extra large 58.5-gallon fuel tank, which provides a 27-hour run time - even at -40°F and maximum BTU output.


Thermostat Control
The HI 300HD uses a Ranco thermostat control, giving you full flexibility to dial in specific temperatures (a max of 110°F at which point the machine cycles off, and a minimum of 55°F).


Excellent Maneuverability
Instead of plastic wheels which are prone to cracking and often make it more difficult to maneuver, the HI 300HD has pneumatic rubber tires and a balanced, ergonomic design. This makes moving the unit across gravel roads, rugged construction sites, and uneven surfaces a breeze.


And being only 34" wide the HI 300HD can fit on a normal sized ramp.


The Ultimate in Safety
The HI 300HD comes with a high-temperature safety limit control and photo electric flame sensor to bring clean, dry heat to the workspace.


The HI 300HD is CSA approved.



  • Units run at 84% efficiency.
  • Each model provides 27-hour run time with unique extra large fuel tank.
  • Durable heat exchanger and fire box are made from 100% stainless steel for long life.
  • Unit is designed with convenient side outlet for attaching optional remote thermostat.
  • Includes robust structural support including under heater cross support and 4-point lifting brackets.
  • High temperature safety limit control and photo electric flame sensor bring clean and dry heat to the workspace
  • HI 300HD now comes standard with -40 °F cold weather package for operation in extreme cold weather conditions.
  • The HI 300HD is CSA approved


This Complete Turnkey System Includes:

  • (2) 12” x 25’ Sections of Heat-Resistant Ducting
  • (1) Ranco Thermostat control
  • (1) Rain Cap
  • (1) L Vent


Additional Info

Additional Info

Length x width x height: 85 x 34 x 49 in
Shipping size: 86 x 29 x 48 in
Dry Weight: 392 lb
Shipping weight (including packaging): 447 lb
Fuel Input: 300,000 BTU/hr
Heat output: 245,475 BTU/hr
Heater Efficiency: 84%
Air Flow: 2531 CFM
Fuel tank capacity: 58.5 US gal
Fuel consumption: 2.12 US gal/h
AC Voltage: 120 V
Air outlet cone diameter: 2 x 12 in
Blower Type: 1 hp Axial
Sizing: Up to 387,000 cu. ft.

Xactimate Information

Xactimate Information

Xactimate Code: WTR FURN25

Average Rate (2013): $575.00 + Set Up + Fuel



Amps 15
BTUs 300,000
Powered By Diesel
CFM (Max. Airflow) 2500 - 3000
Brand Wacker Neuson
Volts 110/120
Category Indirect Fired Heater
Condition new
Xactimate Code WTR FURN25 Average Rate (2013): $575.00 + Set Up + Fuel