Contents Packout, Estimating & Invoice Strategies Workshop

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Contents Packout, Estimating & Invoice Strategies Workshop

Do you know how to stage a packout after a water or fire loss? How many people should show up? When should they come? This 2-day workshop will teach owners, contents managers, packout managers, and lead techs how to perform a successful packout and how to properly compile and write out estimates and invoices.

Taught by the knowledgeable instructors from Fireline Training Centers, this workshop will help you answer all the questions associated with a packout (Which Xactimate codes should you use? How do you mobilize your team quickly? What should be recorded on the inventory?), so you can have a smooth-running organization that is poised for success right from the start.


Day one of this course covers the essentials of staging an efficient packout. Major topics include:

  • The four types of packouts and when to utilize them
  • Understanding the problems associated with packouts
  • Creating a professional inventory strategy
  • Software utilization for accurate inventory management
  • Collecting the right data from the field—time and units by process
  • Tags/boxes/and total loss items overview
  • Item categorization—packing for process
  • Enhancing inventory and packing labor efficiency
  • Proper inventory staging and packout sequence
  • Cartage, vault, and van pack/transport team duties
  • Managing multiple teams on the same job
  • The division of labor duties and responsibilities
  • Supplies for efficiency
  • Application—applying your new skills


Day two dives into the money side of the business, examining estimating tactics, Xactimate strategies, and invoice composition. You'll learn how to compile a simple and organized document that will allow the adjuster to process and pay the claim without the drama of excessive negotiations. This is core training for FIRELINE/ RedStar certification. Major topics include:

  • The four basic elements of estimating
  • Controlling estimate variables
  • Simplified estimating methodology
  • Inventory categorizing essentials for effective estimating
  • Time and material or unit price estimates
  • Controlling costs and time budget metrics
  • Design and structure of the estimate
  • Wording for concise documentation
  • Data collection—obtaining the right information from the field
  • When to invoice
  • Estimating consistency


Registration must be processed through Fireline Training Centers. To sign up for the class, call 800.500.2533.

Class Schedule

Class date Class Location Instructor Price
TBD TBD Davis $685

*per attendee with 15% off when registering multiple attendees from the same company.