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  1. Betco SmartScreen with Bioactive Enzymes, Ocean Breeze
    This fragrance-infused sanitary mat combined with a bio-active enzymatic block effectively blocks and neutralizes urine odors. Ideal for use with the Betco Smart Restroom System.
    • Ideal for use with the Betco Smart Restroom System
    • Fragrance-infused sanitary mat combined with bio-active enzymatic block
    • Neutralizes urine odors at the source

    Starting at: $48.30

  2. Betco SenTec™ Malodor Eliminator Metered Aerosol, 7 oz

    Eliminate odors in the air quickly and easily with Betco SenTec! This convenient aerosol spray is perfect for use in restrooms, locker rooms, hallways, offices—anywhere odors occur. Malodors are instantly eliminated and replaced with the uplifting scent of summer.

    • Unique dual malodor counteractant technology
    • Replaces odors with uplifting outdoor scents
    • Effective against all types of odors
    • Meets and exceeds state of California VOC content requirements
    • Ideal for all types of facilities

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  3. Sanitaire SC5815D Sealed HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner (DEMO/USED)

    The SC5815D features sealed HEPA filtration that captures 96.75% of allergens and pollen down to 0.3 microns in size. It's also ultra quiet and generates just 69 dBA, making it perfect for use in occupied areas.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 15-inch cleaning path
    • CRI seal of approval; LEED compliant
    • 10-amp motor; 69 dBA
    • 4.5-quart disposable dust bag
    • Onboard cleaning tools; 40-foot power cord
  4. Raptor Quick Connect Hard Surface Tool (DEMO/USED)

    For deep cleaning of soiled grout and edging, the Raptor Quick Connect is the perfect hard surface tool to help you concentrate your cleaning power for maximum results.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Two interchangeable heads
    • Operating pressures up to 2,500 PSI
    • Operating temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit
  5. Wausau Twinwipes Windshield Paper Towel, Blue, 150 Sheets (15 PK)

    Twinwipes Windshield Paper Towels are heavy-duty towels that are ideal for use in auto repair shops and auto showrooms. Their added scrubbing power tackles the greasy film that commonly accumulates on windshield interiors.

    • Super scrubbing strength
    • 2-ply
    • Blue
    • Each sheet measures 9" x 10"
    • 150 sheets per pack; 15 packs per case

    Price: $87.48

    Sale: $48.60

  6. Betco BetONE™ RTU Disinfectant Spray

    Betco BetONE cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects in one step. This broad spectrum ethanol and quat cleaner is virucidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal, and fungicidal. It kills 25 of the most common germs (and a few uncommon ones too) in just one minute!

    • Kills 25 of the most common germs in just one minute
    • Suitable for the cleanup of bloodborne pathogens
    • pH: 3.7
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $6.23

  7. Betco Winning Hands® Soap Dispenser, Black
    The Betco Winning Hands Soap Dispenser will work with any 900-ml Bag in a Box Soap.
    • Durable, vandal-resistant
    • ADA-compliant dispenser
    • Eliminates waste
    • Use with 900 mL Bag in a Box Soap

    Price: $13.00

    Sale: $7.28

  8. Vinyl Gloves, 5 mil, Powder Free, Clear/White, Extra Large (1,000 PK)
    These general-purpose gloves fit snugly against your skin and provide excellent protection during light-duty, non-medical tasks. Made from powder-free vinyl, these gloves contain no latex, so they're ideal for individuals with latex sensitivities.
    • Powder free
    • 5 mil thickness
    • Latex free
    • For light-duty, non-medical use

    Price: $44.23

    Sale: $27.06

  9. Unitex® Premier Urinal Screens (10 PK)

    Unitex Premier Urinal Screens fit any urinal and are 200% more fragrant than traditional urinal screens. The newly improved design features 40% higher spikes that help to reduce splashback, keeping restrooms and pant legs clean.

    • Improved design reduces odor and splashback!
    • Uses organic deodorizing compounds
    • Flexible clamshell design
    • Two sided anti-splash texture
    • Helps prevent cross contamination

    Starting at: $12.01

  10. Mops-N-More Deodorant Metered Aerosol

    Did you know that a clean scent improves the perception of cleanliness? Our metered deodorizers knock down all types of odors to keep areas smelling fresh. One can lasts up to a month or 3,400 sprays.

    • Provides continuous deodorization
    • Freshness lasts about a month or 3,400 sprays
    • 12 ounce can, 7 ounces of aerosol
    • Easy to use

    Starting at: $2.96

  11. Unitex® Stone Care Pads, 7 inch, 3000 Grit

    These unique floor pads from Unitex leave a high shine on stone, terrazzo, and polished concrete floors without the use of waxes, sealers, strippers, or other chemicals!

    • Use with any floor machine or auto scrubber
    • Green process—no chemicals required
    • Easy to train new technicians

    Starting at: $15.67

  12. Big D Urinal Screens with Para Block (12 PK)

    Get long-lasting odor protection with high-quality urinal screens with para blocks. The uplifting cherry scent perfectly masks the odors that normally plague busy urinals.

    • Cherry scent
    • 4-oz para block
    • Protects urinal from debris
    • Provides total deodorization

    Price: $31.52

    Sale: $20.14

  13. Big D Urinal Screens with Non-Para Enzyme Block (12 PK)

    This extra duty urinal screen with non-para block is intended for urinals in high-use restrooms. The screen design elevates the block to reduce contact with water, prolonging its life and ensuring fragrance is only released after flushing. The larger block allows for discharge of more cleaners and deodorants with every flush.

    • Urinal screen with non-para enzyme block
    • Cherry scent
    • Intended for high-use areas
    • Good for 1,500 flushes

    Price: $20.42

    Sale: $14.46

  14. Mops-N-More Urinal Para Blocks, 4 oz (12 PK)
    These cherry-scented 4-ounce para blocks, sold in lots of 12, are the perfect deodorizer for bathroom urinals.
    • A must-have urinal accessory
    • Cherry scent
    • Air and water soluble
    • 24-hour odor protection

    Price: $12.09

    Sale: $6.44

  15. Eureka EasyClean Hand Held Vacuum - 71B

    Make quick work of vacuuming furniture and stairs with the Risor Visor feature, an engineering extra designed so the front brush bar flips up for vertical cleaning. Comes with a crevice cleaning tool and hose assembly, too.

    • Includes revolving brush roll
    • Risor Visor technology allows vertical cleaning
    • Easy-empty dust cup
    • Great on furniture and stairs
    • Crevice cleaning tool and hose assembly included

    Price: $47.98

    Sale: $39.77

  16. Eureka/Sanitaire Style Z  Arm & Hammer Vacuum Bags (5 PK)

    Arm & Hammer Style Z Bags for the Sanitaire SC9050 series vacuum. Sold in a package of 5.

    Price: $12.99

    Sale: $6.99

  17. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP HEPA Dual Motor Upright Vacuum (DEMO/USED)

    ProForce 1500XP HEPA is a powerful, lightweight upright vacuum designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Comes with onboard tools.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
  18. OptiServ™ Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser, Translucent Black

    The OptiServ Hands-Free Dispenser is designed to ensure you only touch your personal towel—no levers, buttons, or switches. It dispenses and cuts a pre-measured 11-inch towel for maximum usage control, and is ideal for use in food service and healthcare environments.

    • Dispenses 11-inch portion of towel each time
    • Holds an 800-foot roll with 4-inch stub roll
    • Extra high capacity
    • ADA compliant
    • Translucent black finish

    Price: $20.00

    Sale: $8.00

  19. Nobles Speed Scrub® 300 Orbital Scrubber with ec-H2O (DEMO/USED)

    The Speed Scrub Orbital 300 features a rectangular scrub head that applies even pressure from edge to edge, reaching into corners and hugging edges. It pulverizes the top layers of floor finish, turning it into a fine powder that is quickly recovered. This versatile machine can also be used for daily scrubbing applications.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Removes floor finish; doubles as a daily floor scrubber
    • 20-inch cleaning path
    • 0.60 HP
    • 2,200 RPM
    • Quiet, just 70 dBA
  20. KleenRite Horizon Tile Cleaning Machine, 1,200 PSI (DEMO/USED)

    The Horizon tile machine is a dual-vacuum system with a fully-adjustable 1,200 PSI pump that gives you both power and versatility for the toughest tile and grout jobs. The vacuum provides 150 inches of water lift, for excellent water recovery. The automatic discharge pumps up to 20 gallons per minute. 

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 150 inches of water lift
    • Automatic discharge
    • 1,200 PSI fully adjustable chemical pump
  21. Minuteman  X17 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor  (DEMO/USED)

    The X17 sprays cleaning solution, a brush agitates and deep cleans the carpet, and a heavy-duty vacuum picks up the water all in one pass. The X17 delivers a thorough, deep-down cleaning.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 17 inch cleaning path
    • 9 gallon solution tank
    • 7.5 gallon recovery tank
    • 2 HP; 3 stage vacuum motor
  22. Monkey Pads, 17 Inch

    Unlike other diamond polishing pads, Monkey Pads on average achieve a 50% reduction in labor hours in addition to removing the need for harsh chemicals, powder, and additional job site mess. In short, Monkey Pads make you more money!

    • For use with any 17"  175-300 RPM floor scrubber
    • Easily polish most types of stone
    • Easy to use

    Starting at: $186.57

  23. Dial Professional Boraxo Heavy-Duty Powdered Hand Soap, Unscented, 5 lbs (10 PK)
    Enjoy cleaner hands with Boraxo! This powdered hand soap combines the scrubbing power of borax with the cleaning power of hand soap. It quickly dissolves grease and dirt when washing with water.
    • Powdered hand soap
    • 75% fine mesh borax; 25% soap
    • Soluble in water; safe in septic systems
    • pH: 9.1
    • Odorless

    Price: $97.10

    Sale: $58.26

  24. P&G Mr. Clean® Finished Floor Cleaner (3 GL)

    Mr. Clean Finished Floor Cleaner penetrates and dissolves tough, greasy soiling from a wide variety of finished floors. It's also a versatile all-purpose cleaner, and can be used on walls, tables, countertops, and more!

    • No rinsing required
    • Lemon scent
    • pH: 10.35 at 1% solution
    • Safe for walls, tables, countertops, and restroom surfaces
    • Various dilutions

    Price: $58.89

    Sale: $38.28

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