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  1. Betco SmartScreen with Bioactive Enzymes, Ocean Breeze
    This fragrance-infused sanitary mat combined with a bio-active enzymatic block effectively blocks and neutralizes urine odors. Ideal for use with the Betco Smart Restroom System.
    • Ideal for use with the Betco Smart Restroom System
    • Fragrance-infused sanitary mat combined with bio-active enzymatic block
    • Neutralizes urine odors at the source

    Starting at: $45.76

  2. Betco MotoMop™ Small Area Cleaning Machine (DEMO/USED)

    The MotoMop works like a tiny auto scrubber. It effectively cleans up spills and messes and leaves the floor cleaner and drier than a traditional mop and bucket. It takes up a fraction of the space in your storage closet too!

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • More effective than a mop and bucket
    • Battery operated—no cords!
    • 360-degree motion allows for cleaning in all directions
    • Folds flat for easy storage
    • 13.5" cleaning path
    $1,799.00 Add to Cart to See Price
  3. Minuteman E20 SPORT Floor Scrubber, 20 Inch (DEMO/USED)

    The E20 SPORT from Minuteman is part of the highly regarded E series line of auto scrubbers. This unit performs daily scrubbing and, thanks to SPORT technology (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats), can also remove the top two coats of finish.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Can clean over 27,000 square feet per hour
    • Low deck brush is great for cleaning under obstacles
    • 13-gallon recovery tank
    • Onboard charger included
    • Traction drive
  4. ProTeam ProGen 12 HEPA Upright Vacuum with Tools (DEMO/USED)

    The ProGen features a high-performance 2-stage motor that creates powerful suction for effective soil removal. That, along with a host of other unique features, makes this one of the most advanced vacuums on the market today.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 12-inch cleaning path
    • CRI seal of approval
    • 9.8-amp motor; 69 dBA
    • 3.25-quart dust capacity; four-level filtration plus HEPA
    • Onboard tools; 40-foot power cord
  5. Betco SenTec™ Malodor Eliminator Metered Aerosol, 7 oz

    Eliminate odors in the air quickly and easily with Betco SenTec! This convenient aerosol spray is perfect for use in restrooms, locker rooms, hallways, offices—anywhere odors occur. Malodors are instantly eliminated and replaced with the uplifting scent of summer.

    • Unique dual malodor counteractant technology
    • Replaces odors with uplifting outdoor scents
    • Effective against all types of odors
    • Meets and exceeds state of California VOC content requirements
    • Ideal for all types of facilities

    Starting at: $29.41

  6. PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitzer, 12 oz (12 PK)

    Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of the most common illness-causing germs without soap or water! This alcohol-based formula is specially formulated with a unique blend of moisturizers that leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshed.

    • Kills 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illness
    • Alcohol-based formula
    • pH: 6.5–8.5
    • Formulated with moisturizers
    • Available in 12-oz pump bottle

    Price: $66.34

    Sale: $50.59

  7. Raid Flying Insect Killer, 15 oz Aerosol (12 PK)

    Raid Flying Insect Killer provides fast knockdown of pesky insects simply by spraying them directly. This product kills a variety of nuisance insects, including flies, mosquitoes, gnats, hornets, Asian lady beetles, moths, fruit flies, boxelder bugs, wasps, and yellow jackets.

    • Extremely fast knockdown
    • Provides residual control around doors and windows
    • No lingering chemical odor
    • For indoor and outdoor use

    Price: $76.17

    Sale: $59.10

  8. GEN 1508 Multifold Towel, Natural, 250 Sheets (16 PK)

    These multi-folded paper towels feature an embossed design and superior absorbency. The standard m-fold allows for easy dispensing of one towel per pull to control usage and prevent waste. Use in breakrooms, washrooms, and wherever a reliable hand towel is needed.

    • Absorbent, multi-fold
    • Embossed; 1 ply
    • Natural
    • Each sheet measures 9 9/20" x 9"
    • 250 sheets per pack; 16 packs per case

    Price: $27.87

    Sale: $18.04

  9. Kimberly-Clark Sanitouch Hard Roll Towel Dispenser, Smoke

    The Sanitouch Hard Roll Towel Dispenser uses touchless technology for one-at-a-time dispensing that reduces waste and improves user hygiene. The hands-free pull dispensing allows users to remove a towel without touching the dispenser, reducing surface contamination as well as cleaning time.

    • For use with KLEENEX® & SCOTT® Hard Roll Towels with a 1.7" core
    • Black translucent finish
    • Hands-free pull dispensing, no batteries required
    • Reduces waste, improves user hygiene
    • Measures 11" x 13.07" x 16.94"

    Price: $65.45

    Sale: $42.78

  10. Atlas Windsor Place Premium Facial Tissue, 2 Ply, 100 Sheets (30 PK)

    Delight your customers with a luxurious, ultra-soft facial tissue that delivers outstanding feel and performance. This attractive, embossed tissue has a heavyweight feel that encourages use to promote good health and hygiene.

    • Ultra-soft and incredibly strong
    • High-end virgin paper product; 2-ply
    • White
    • Each sheet measures 7.5" x 8.2"
    • 100 tissues per box; 30 boxes per case

    Price: $31.55

    Sale: $19.28

  11. Dial® Professional Basic Hypoallergenic Foaming Hand Wash Refill, Honeysuckle, 1,000 mL (6 PK)

    This hypoallergenic lotion soap is tough on dirt but gentle on skin. It's ideal for use in schools, daycare facilities, hospitals, clinics, offices, restaurants, and more. This dermatologist-tested formula washes away clean with no sticky residue. Uplifting honeysuckle fragrance.

    • Hypoallergenic; dermatologist tested
    • Lotion soap
    • pH: 7.0–8.0
    • Honeysuckle fragrance

    Price: $75.22

    Sale: $45.97

  12. Betco Symplicity™ All Temp Rinse Aid 315 (4 GL)

    Tired of water spots and dirty residue on the "clean" dishes in your dishwasher? Time to use Betco Symplicity All Temp Rinse Aid! This premium highly active surfactant formula delivers rapid sheeting for spot-free drying in both high- and low-temp machines.

    • Controls foaming and accelerates drying
    • Hard water effective
    • pH: 7.2–7.8
    • Economical liquid concentrate

    Price: $89.32

    Add to Cart to See Price

  13. Betco Symplicity™ Duet-L Laundry Detergent (5 GL)

    Betco Symplicity Duet-L Laundry Detergent removes stubborn dirt and soils to leave colors looking brighter and whites looking whiter. This all-in-one formula performs well in all water temperatures and is safe for use on all types of machine-washable natural and synthetic fibers.

    • Easy-to-use single-liquid product
    • Cold water effective
    • pH: 7.0–8.0
    • Low VOCs; no phosphorous, APE, NPE, or EDTA
    • Safe to use on all machine-washable fabrics

    Price: $101.34

    Sale: $54.44

  14. Boardwalk Linear Low Density Trash Liners, 33 Gallon, 33" x 39",  0.6 mil, White (150 PK)

    Made from high-quality raw materials and mineral-reinforced for enhanced strength, these 0.6-mil liners resist punctures and tears. The star seal on the bottom prevents leakage, so you can carry heavy, wet refuse with confidence. Coreless rolls.

    • Measures 33" x 39"; 33-gallon capacity
    • 0.6 mil; white color
    • Made from high-quality raw materials
    • Coreless rolls

    Price: $28.16

    Sale: $17.60

  15. Dart® Slip-Thru Plastic Lids For 16 oz Hot/Cold Foam Cups, White (1,000 PK)

    These translucent plastic lids feature a slip-through design that allows you to easily insert a straw and enjoy your beverage. The universal design allows these lids to fit on nearly any 16–24 oz foam cups. These lids can be used with both hot or cold beverages.

    • Fits 16–24 oz foam cups
    • For use with hot or cold beverages
    • Flat and solid center
    • Easily insert straw in center
    • Vented

    Price: $32.22

    Sale: $20.85

  16. Betco Sanibet™ RTU Cleaner Sanitizer Deodorizer, 32 oz (6 PK) (CLEARANCE ITEM)

    Betco Sanibet RTU is the ideal cleaner/sanitizer for use in restaurants, bars, kitchens, meat and poultry plants, and other food service facilities. This ready-to-use sanitizer/deodorizer requires no mixing or blending— you’re assured the proper 200 ppm of quat every time!

    • For food contact services
    • No mixing or rinsing required
    • pH: 9.5–11.0
    • For use on glass, metal, and other hard surfaces
    • Ready to use

    Price: $22.90

    Sale: $11.40

  17. ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro Cordless Backpack Vacuum with Xover Tool Kit (DEMO/USED)

    Enjoy improved comfort and total freedom of movement with the newly redesigned GoFree Flex Pro from ProTeam. This cordless backpack vacuum offers 75 minutes of runtime and 30% improved productivity over corded backpack models.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Completely cordless with 75-minute runtime
    • Weighs only 18 lbs
    • 10-amp motor; 63.7 dBA
    • 6-quart dust capacity; 4-level filtration
    • Includes Xover toolkit; rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  18. Raptor Quick Connect Hard Surface Tool (DEMO/USED)

    For deep cleaning of soiled grout and edging, the Raptor Quick Connect is the perfect hard surface tool to help you concentrate your cleaning power for maximum results.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Two interchangeable heads
    • Operating pressures up to 2,500 PSI
    • Operating temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit
  19. Wausau Twinwipes Windshield Paper Towel, Blue, 150 Sheets (15 PK)

    Twinwipes Windshield Paper Towels are heavy-duty towels that are ideal for use in auto repair shops and auto showrooms. Their added scrubbing power tackles the greasy film that commonly accumulates on windshield interiors.

    • Super scrubbing strength
    • 2-ply
    • Blue
    • Each sheet measures 9" x 10"
    • 150 sheets per pack; 15 packs per case

    Price: $87.48

    Sale: $48.60

  20. Eureka/Sanitaire Style Z  Arm & Hammer Vacuum Bags (5 PK)

    Arm & Hammer Style Z Bags for the Sanitaire SC9050 series vacuum. Sold in a package of 5.

    Price: $12.99

    Sale: $6.99

  21. Jaguar Plastics® Trash Liners, Linear Low Density, 40-45 Gallon, 40" x 46", 1.3 mil, Gray (100 PK)

    These high-quality garbage bags are ideal for general-purpose trash disposal needs. Made from high-quality blended resins for superior strength, these liners resist punctures and tearing. The star seal bottom is designed to prevent leakage. Gray color.

    • High-quality bags with star seal bottom
    • 100 bags per case
    • Grey color
    • Weighs 16 pounds per case
    • 1.3 mil gauge

    Price: $42.16

    Sale: $27.28

  22. Mops-N-More Urinal Para Blocks, 4 oz (12 PK)
    These cherry-scented 4-ounce para blocks, sold in lots of 12, are the perfect deodorizer for bathroom urinals.
    • A must-have urinal accessory
    • Cherry scent
    • Air and water soluble
    • 24-hour odor protection

    Price: $12.09

    Sale: $6.44

  23. Big D Urinal Screens with Non-Para Enzyme Block (12 PK)

    This extra duty urinal screen with non-para block is intended for urinals in high-use restrooms. The screen design elevates the block to reduce contact with water, prolonging its life and ensuring fragrance is only released after flushing. The larger block allows for discharge of more cleaners and deodorants with every flush.

    • Urinal screen with non-para enzyme block
    • Cherry scent
    • Intended for high-use areas
    • Good for 1,500 flushes

    Price: $20.42

    Sale: $14.46

  24. Big D Urinal Screens with Para Block (12 PK)

    Get long-lasting odor protection with high-quality urinal screens with para blocks. The uplifting cherry scent perfectly masks the odors that normally plague busy urinals.

    • Cherry scent
    • 4-oz para block
    • Protects urinal from debris
    • Provides total deodorization

    Price: $31.52

    Sale: $20.14

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