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  1. HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber (DEMO/USED)

    Want to earn up to 70% more rental income on your air scrubber? Switch to the HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber. Its cutting-edge design delivers 1,000 CFM of clean, HEPA-filtered air.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 1,000 CFM of clean HEPA-filtered air
    • Earn up to 70% more rental income
    • Compact size allows for one-person operation
    • Includes a standard HEPA filter and 2-inch pleated filter
    • Weighs just 73.5 pounds
  2. Dry Air Force 9 Air Mover with Stacking Ring (DEMO/USED)

    Designed after extensive research, the Force 9 covers huge drying areas, while its unique daisy chain feature connects 5 units to one outlet, drying up to 80 feet.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Two-speed axial air mover with onboard dual GFCI outlets
    • Improved stacking capabilities
    • Stackable for storage and operation
    • 2.5 amps on high
    • Full 360° directional rotation with available stand
  3. Aeroclean 2000 "ECONO" Negative Air Machine #9143 (DEMO/USED)

    Slim unit for those hard-to-squeeze areas! Made from aircraft grade aluminum for reduced weight, this negative air machine features a powerful motor and produces 1,950 CFM on high and 1,300 CFM on low.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Air capacity: 1,950 CFM high; 1,300 CFM low
    • 33" L x 26" W x 26" H
    • Made in the USA
  4. FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter Plus with IGM™ (DEMO/USED)

    The FLIR MR176 is an all-in-one tool equipped with a built-in thermal camera. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology, the MR176 helps you quickly scan and target moisture issues so you can confidently take measurements and analyze readings.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 80 x 60 resolution (4,800 pixels) IR image
    • External pin probe measures nine material groups
    • Stores up to 9,999 photos
    • Penetrating and pinless moisture measurement modes
  5. Sanitaire QuietClean™ HEPA Backpack Vacuum (DEMO/USED)

    They don't call the Sanitaire SC535A "the Quiet Clean Time Machine" for nothing! This model generates just 62.5 dBA, making it no louder than normal office background noise. You can clean occupied areas without disturbing anyone.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 10-quart capacity
    • CRI seal of approval
    • Only 62.5 dBA
    • HEPA filtration
    • Tools included; 50-foot power cord
  6. Injectidry HP-PLUS Wall and Ceiling Package (DEMO/USED)

    The HP-PLUS Wall and Ceiling Drying Package is the improved version of Injectidry's HP60i wall and ceiling package. This unit is quieter (less than 60 dB), more powerful, and easier to set up than the original.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Under 12 amps—no matter the setup
    • CUL and ETL listed
    • Can be used with original HP60 attachment and hoses
    • Easier set up; no pressure relief valve to worry about
  7. Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 18, Single Phase 110V Floor Grinder (DEMO/USED)

    The Scan Combiflex 18 from Scanmaskin is an ultra-tough, all-steel floor grinder that is engineered to put more torque on the floor—not on your hip! This 18-inch machine delivers production rates of around 300–556 square feet per hour while using less than 15 amps.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 18-inch cutting path
    • 110-volt configuration
    • Delivers 300–1,100 RPM
    • Stainless steel dust shroud
  8. SMITH Manufacturing FS 351Self-Propelled Surfacer, 25 HP, Propane (DEMO/USED)

    Shave, profile, or scarify floor surfaces up to 16" wide in a single pass with ONE machine! The SMITH FS351 Self-Propelled Surfacer will prepare floor surfaces with controlled surface finishes from CSP3–CSP10. Get up to TWO TIMES faster removal speeds!

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Removes material up to 16" wide and 3/8" depth
    • Production rates of up to 1,000 sq ft per hour
    • Many different drum and tool options for every type of job
    • 695 lbs
    • Propane-fueled
  9. Raptor Quick Connect Hard Surface Tool (DEMO/USED)

    For deep cleaning of soiled grout and edging, the Raptor Quick Connect is the perfect hard surface tool to help you concentrate your cleaning power for maximum results.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Two interchangeable heads
    • Operating pressures up to 2,500 PSI
    • Operating temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit
  10. Turbo Force Mini Handheld Spinner Hard Surface Tool (DEMO/USED)

    When you've got to clean bathrooms, countertops, or graffiti- or grime-covered walls, the Mini Turbo is the contractor's preferred choice. This handheld tool puts the power of up to 2,500 PSI at your fingertips.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Ideal for countertops, bathrooms, and vertical surfaces
    • High-strength injection mold nylon construction 
    • Withstands up to 2,500 PSI and 230°F
  11. Ermator C5500 Pre-Separator (DEMO/USED)

    Your dust extractor's capacity to handle choking quantities of dust is significantly improved when supplemented with the model C5500 pre-separator. Comes with Longopac dust-free direct disposal.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Increases efficiency of dust collection
    • Separates heavy amounts of dust from air
    • Cyclone filtration system for maximum effectiveness
    • Includes Longopac dust-free drop-down disposal system
  12. US Products Solus 500R Carpet Extractor (DEMO/USED)

    Engineered for single-person operation and transport, the Solus 500 is the ultimate in user-friendly design.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Engineered for single-person operation and transport
    • Evolution wand included
    • Dual 3-stage vacuums. Adjustable pressure 0 to 500 PSI
    • Inline heating system delivers instant heat
  13. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP HEPA Dual Motor Upright Vacuum (DEMO/USED)

    ProForce 1500XP HEPA is a powerful, lightweight upright vacuum designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Comes with onboard tools.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
  14. Unitex® Stone Care Pads, 7 inch, 3000 Grit

    These unique floor pads from Unitex leave a high shine on stone, terrazzo, and polished concrete floors without the use of waxes, sealers, strippers, or other chemicals!

    • Use with any floor machine or auto scrubber
    • Green process—no chemicals required
    • Easy to train new technicians

    Starting at: $15.67

  15. Rubbermaid One Shot Low Profile Foam Dispenser, Polished Chrome

    This counter-mounted soap dispenser features Smart Sensor™ technology, which detects hands and automatically delivers the perfect amount of hand soap. This stylish and attractive dispenser helps reduce waste while promoting better hand washing in your facility.

    • Chrome finish
    • Touch-free delivery
    • Helps earn LEED credits
    • For use with 1600mL soap bottles

    Price: $97.85

    Sale: $19.97

  16. Wausau Twinwipes Windshield Paper Towel, Blue, 150 Sheets (15 PK)

    Twinwipes Windshield Paper Towels are heavy-duty towels that are ideal for use in auto repair shops and auto showrooms. Their added scrubbing power tackles the greasy film that commonly accumulates on windshield interiors.

    • Super scrubbing strength
    • 2-ply
    • Blue
    • Each sheet measures 9" x 10"
    • 150 sheets per pack; 15 packs per case

    Price: $87.48

    Sale: $48.60

  17. Fresh Wave IAQ M130 Vapor System (DEMO/USED)

    The M130 Vapor Unit dispenses sub-micron-size Fresh Wave IAQ molecules. These molecules penetrate deep into carpet, upholstery, walls, cabinets, and other absorbent surfaces for complete odor removal.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Dispenses sub-micron (dry vapor) Fresh Wave IAQ molecules
    • Penetrates deep into carpet, upholstery, and walls
    • Safe for use around people and pets
    • Fresh Wave IAQ sold separately
  18. Eureka/Sanitaire Style Z  Arm & Hammer Vacuum Bags (5 PK)

    Arm & Hammer Style Z Bags for the Sanitaire SC9050 series vacuum. Sold in a package of 5.

    Price: $13.99

    Sale: $6.99

  19. Hoover Type A Vacuum Bags (3 PK)

    These paper bags are manufactured to fit Hoover vacuums that require Series A bags. They are packed 3 bags per unit.


    Price: $2.44

    Sale: $0.74

  20. Betco BetONE™ RTU Disinfectant Spray

    Betco BetONE cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects in one step. This broad spectrum ethanol and quat cleaner is virucidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal, and fungicidal. It kills 25 of the most common germs (and a few uncommon ones too) in just one minute!

    • Kills 25 of the most common germs in just one minute
    • Suitable for the cleanup of bloodborne pathogens
    • pH: 3.7
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $10.38

  21. FLIR E8 Infrared Camera with MSX and P-I-P (DEMO/USED)

    With an outstanding 320 x 240 resolution (76,800 pixels), the FLIR E8 Infrared Camera gives you the detail required for various applications. With three operating modes—spot, min/max, and isotherm—this camera is a must-have for accurate electrical, mechanical, and building diagnostics.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 320 x 240 resolution (76,800 pixels) IR Image
    • Thermal sensitivity: <0.06°C
    • Easy to carry at only 1.27 lbs (includes battery)
    • Measurement range: -4°F to 482°F
  22. Mops-N-More Deodorant Metered Aerosol

    Did you know that a clean scent improves the perception of cleanliness? Our metered deodorizers knock down all types of odors to keep areas smelling fresh. One can lasts up to a month or 3,400 sprays.

    • Provides continuous deodorization
    • Freshness lasts about a month or 3,400 sprays
    • 12 ounce can, 7 ounces of aerosol
    • Easy to use

    Starting at: $2.96

  23. Blast Pro BRB 2800 Ride-On Floor Scraper (DEMO/USED - 7 HRS)

    This revolutionary machine is designed to tackle the toughest projects and makes removing a wide range of materials faster, easier and more effective than those out of date jack hammers and hand scrapers. This unit has been lightly used for demos and has 7 hours on the engine. It is in like-new condition.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Save on time and labor
    • Removes a variety of floor coatings and toppings
    • Different blade sizes available 
  24. Dial Professional Boraxo Heavy-Duty Powdered Hand Soap, Unscented, 5 lbs (10 PK)
    Enjoy cleaner hands with Boraxo! This powdered hand soap combines the scrubbing power of borax with the cleaning power of hand soap. It quickly dissolves grease and dirt when washing with water.
    • Powdered hand soap
    • 75% fine mesh borax; 25% soap
    • Soluble in water; safe in septic systems
    • pH: 9.1
    • Odorless

    Price: $97.10

    Sale: $61.33

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