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  1. Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor (DEMO/USED)

    The Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor is the most effective and efficient extraction tool on the market today. No other extractor today can pull as much water from the carpet and pad as the Xtreme Xtractor.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Can be used with Hydro-X Vacuum Pac, truck mounts and some portables
    • Extracts in both forward and reverse
    • Use only on carpet with padding
    • Extract 1,200 sq ft of carpet and pad in under 2 hours!
  2. Ermator C5500 Pre-Separator (DEMO/USED)

    Your dust extractor's capacity to handle choking quantities of dust is significantly improved when supplemented with the model C5500 pre-separator. Comes with Longopac dust-free direct disposal.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Increases efficiency of dust collection
    • Separates heavy amounts of dust from air
    • Cyclone filtration system for maximum effectiveness
    • Includes Longopac dust-free drop-down disposal system
  3. Racatac Dolly, 3-Inch Wheels with Chest Support (DEMO/USED)

    This ergonomic kneeling dolly allows you to effortlessly glide across the floor while on your knees, saving your back and joints and boosting your productivity at the same time! Ideal for concrete repair work and flooring installation. Includes chest support.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 3-inch caster wheels
    • Balanced heavy-duty frame
    • Adjustable seat
    • Tool tray included
  4. Unger ErgoTec® Ninja Washer Complete, 14 Inch

    The Unger ErgoTech Ninja Washer is designed to provide superior cleaning results. It features two abrasive pads for extra scrubbing power plus the absorbent sleeve offers superior water retention. 

    • Two abrasive pads for extra scrubbing power
    • Swivel handle with center lock
    • Handles up to 500 wash cycles

    Price: $30.87

    Sale: $18.87

  5. Georgia-Pacific Signature® C-Fold Towel, White, 120 Sheets (12 PK)

    Georgia-Pacific Signature® C-Fold Towels are extremely soft and absorbent, plus they feature a patented and attractive honeycomb emboss design, making them an excellent choice for upscale washrooms.

    • Luxurious softness
    • Honeycomb embossed; 2-ply
    • White
    • Each sheet measures 10.1" x 13.2"
    • 120 sheets per pack; 12 packs per case

    Price: $38.31

    Sale: $28.23

  6. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP HEPA Dual Motor Upright Vacuum (DEMO/USED)

    ProForce 1500XP HEPA is a powerful, lightweight upright vacuum designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Comes with onboard tools.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
  7. Unitex® Stone Care Pads, 7 inch, 3000 Grit

    These unique floor pads from Unitex leave a high shine on stone, terrazzo, and polished concrete floors without the use of waxes, sealers, strippers, or other chemicals!

    • Use with any floor machine or auto scrubber
    • Green process—no chemicals required
    • Easy to train new technicians

    Starting at: $23.50

  8. Hoover Type A Vacuum Bags (3 PK)

    These paper bags are manufactured to fit Hoover vacuums that require Series A bags. They are packed 3 bags per unit.


    Price: $2.44

    Sale: $0.74

  9. Rubbermaid One Shot Low Profile Foam Dispenser, Polished Chrome

    This counter-mounted soap dispenser features Smart Sensor™ technology, which detects hands and automatically delivers the perfect amount of hand soap. This stylish and attractive dispenser helps reduce waste while promoting better hand washing in your facility.

    • Chrome finish
    • Touch-free delivery
    • Helps earn LEED credits
    • For use with 1600mL soap bottles

    Price: $97.85

    Sale: $40.64

  10. Cimex Cyclone 19" with Pad Drivers (DEMO/USED)

    Designed for a fast finish, the 19" Cimex Cyclone vanquishes the competition in a single pass, cleaning 2,500–4,000 square feet of carpet an hour. Job speed is enhanced by direct-to-pad solution administration—no spraying necessary!

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Cleans 2,500–4,000 square feet of carpet an hour!
    • Direct-to-pad solution administration—no spraying
    • Floating cleaning heads provide effective agitation
    • Reversing cleaning action extends life of brushes and pads
    • The most labor-efficient machine on the market
  11. FLIR E8 Infrared Camera with MSX and P-I-P (DEMO/USED)

    With an outstanding 320 x 240 resolution (76,800 pixels), the FLIR E8 Infrared Camera gives you the detail required for various applications. With three operating modes—spot, min/max, and isotherm—this camera is a must-have for accurate electrical, mechanical, and building diagnostics.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 320 x 240 resolution (76,800 pixels) IR Image
    • Thermal sensitivity: <0.06°C
    • Easy to carry at only 1.27 lbs (includes battery)
    • Measurement range: -4°F to 482°F
  12. Blast Pro BRB 2800 Ride-On Floor Scraper (DEMO/USED - 7 HRS)

    This revolutionary machine is designed to tackle the toughest projects and makes removing a wide range of materials faster, easier and more effective than those out of date jack hammers and hand scrapers. This unit has been lightly used for demos and has 7 hours on the engine. It is in like-new condition.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Save on time and labor
    • Removes a variety of floor coatings and toppings
    • Different blade sizes available 
  13. Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit (DEMO/USED)

    The Unger Stingray features a unique triangular design and robust articulating joint that rotates 360 degrees and makes it easy to clean windows of any size and shape. It gets into corners and features a 1" thick microfiber pad that allows you to clean both the glass edges and frame simultaneously.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Speeds up indoor glass cleaning by up to 25%
    • Ensures 39% less liquid consumption
    • Includes cleaning pad and cleaner
    • Attaches to short or long Stingray Easy-Click poles (sold separately)
  14. Dial Professional Boraxo Heavy-Duty Powdered Hand Soap, Unscented, 5 lbs (10 PK)
    Enjoy cleaner hands with Boraxo! This powdered hand soap combines the scrubbing power of borax with the cleaning power of hand soap. It quickly dissolves grease and dirt when washing with water.
    • Powdered hand soap
    • 75% fine mesh borax; 25% soap
    • Soluble in water; safe in septic systems
    • pH: 9.1
    • Odorless

    Price: $97.10

    Sale: $61.33

  15. Betco FASTDRAW® Extreme® Ultra Floor Stripper

    Betco Extreme Ultra cuts through multiple layers of burnished floor finish with minimal effort. It is ultra concentrated, so less product is needed to work effectively, keeping overall job costs low. This rinse-free stripper requires no neutralization after use. Designed for use with the FASTDRAW system.

    • Ultra concentrated; removes multiple coats of finish
    • pH: 11.2–11.9
    • Ideal for use on many natural stone and marble surfaces
    • Designed for use with the FASTDRAW system

    Starting at: $143.64

  16. Automatic Door Handle Disinfector

    The Automatic Door Handle Disinfectant System automatically disinfects door handles between uses, eliminating 99.9% of common bacteria on the handle surface. This easy-to-install tool can help reduce illness and cross-contamination in your facility.

    • Automatically disinfects door handles
    • Eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria on handle surface
    • Easy to install

    Price: $30.00

    Sale: $13.04

  17. Kimberly-Clark Professional Scott® Tradition JRT Jumbo Bathroom Tissue, 2 Ply, 8 9/10 " Diameter, 1,000 Feet (12PK)

    This jumbo 2-ply bathroom tissue is ideal for use in high-traffic restrooms. It is made with 100% recycled fiber and wood from a certified managed forest. It contains no added chemicals or fragrances.

    • No added chemicals or fragrances
    • Standard; 2 ply
    • White
    • Each roll measures 3 11/12" x 1,000'
    • 1,000' per roll; 12 rolls per case

    Price: $51.08

    Sale: $36.89

  18. US Products Solus 500R Carpet Extractor (DEMO/USED)

    Engineered for single-person operation and transport, the Solus 500 is the ultimate in user-friendly design.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Engineered for single-person operation and transport
    • Evolution wand included
    • Dual 3-stage vacuums. Adjustable pressure 0 to 500 PSI
    • Inline heating system delivers instant heat
  19. Minuteman  X17 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor  (DEMO/USED)

    The X17 sprays cleaning solution, a brush agitates and deep cleans the carpet, and a heavy-duty vacuum picks up the water all in one pass. The X17 delivers a thorough, deep-down cleaning.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 17 inch cleaning path
    • 9 gallon solution tank
    • 7.5 gallon recovery tank
    • 2 HP; 3 stage vacuum motor
  20. Chemspec® Chemstractor 5 (DEMO/USED)

    The Chemstractor provides rotary extraction, bonnet and hard surface cleaning all in one machine.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 15" floor machine
    • Ideal for large, open areas
    • Combines 5 cleaning systems into one machine
    • Provides 360-degree cleaning
  21. LAVINA 13-S Edger, Single Phase, 220V (DEMO/USED)

    The LAVINA 13-S Edger has a grinding path of 13.2" and makes grinding edges a breeze. With features like a level built-in to the head along with an adjustable head makes getting a flat grind on uneven floors easier than ever.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Unique design allows operators to blend edge work and eliminate lines
    • 3 HP, single phase, 220V
    • Built-in level ensures flatness of the floor during work
    • Great for polishing or grinding
  22. Husqvarna PG 530 Floor Grinder, 220V, Single Phase (DEMO/USED - 377 Hours)
    The Husqvarna PG 530 is a single-phase planetary grinder with unmatched capacity to deliver excellent results on residential and light commercial jobs.
    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Great for coating removal
    • Ideal for polishing concrete
    • Unmatched performance by any other grinder in this class
  23. Dirt Wacker Tile & Grout Cleaning Floor Machine (DEMO/USED)

    The Dirt Wacker's compact design and 6" cleaning head allows you to clean dirty corners and baseboards easily without bending or straining your back. Comes standard with a pad driver, one black stripping pad, one red scrubbing pad, and one white polishing pad.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • 6-inch cleaning head
    • Ideal for cleaning grout, baseboards, and edges
    • 500 RPM brush speed delivers powerful performance
    • Great for restrooms, under counters, and corners
    • Comes with pad holder and three pads (red, white, black)
  24. Wide Boy Bucket (DEMO/USED)

    The Wide Boy Bucket features a built-in 19" roll-off area for high-production jobs. Plus, the durable, seamless green™ polypropylene resists solvents and paint buildup.

    • Demo/Used Unit - Limited Quantities Available
    • Ideal for applying paint and solvents
    • Use with 18" rollers
    • Built-in 19" roll-off area

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