Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

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  1. PRS Fire and Content Cleaner

    PRS Fire and Content Cleaner is a biologically based cleaning agent built specifically for fire residues and heavy-duty content cleaning on hard surfaces.

    • Powerful biologically based degreaser
    • No harsh fumes
    • Ideal for fire damage restoration

    Starting at: $40.49

  2. Omegasonics OmegaSmoke Ultrasonic Solution (5 GL)

    A broad-use solution designed to remove smoke and soot from contents damaged in a fire. When diluted properly, this cleaner is safe to use on glass, rubber, plastic, materials, and all surfaces that can be cleaned in water.

    • pH: 13.5
    • Dilution: 1-2 oz per gallon
    • Great for fire-damaged articles
  3. Omegasonics OmegaClean Degreaser

    Omegas most versatile cleaning agent removes oil, grease, carbon and contaminants from a variety of Metals. Contains buffers to protect aluminium finishes and silicates to guard against flash rusting. Will not harm or discolor aluminum.

    • Removes oil and grease 
    • Contains buffers to protect aluminum finishes
    • pH 12.0
    • Will not harm or discolor aluminum finish

    Starting at: $29.95

  4. Benefect Evergreen A-44

    Benefect Evergreen A-44 is an all-natural cleaner degreaser specifically formulated for use in ultrasonic cleaning application. It removes heavy grease and sticky soils from even the most delicate contents that have been damaged by smoke, water, or mold.

    • Formulated for use in ultrasonic systems
    • Does not contain harmful solvents or VOCs
    • pH: 11.2–11.4
    • Biodegradable
    • Dilute 2.5–5 oz per gallon

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  5. Omegasonics Omega Deodorizer Ultrasonic Solution (5 GL)

    A highly dilutable odor counteractant that eliminates odors resulting from fires and water damage.

    • Dilution: 2 oz per gallon
    • Great for fire and water damage odors
  6. Omegasonics OmegaSoft Ultrasonic Solution (1 GL)

    Superior and powerful multi-component organic water softener used to aid rinsing in ultrasonic baths.

    • pH: 13.5
    • Dilution: 4 to 16 oz per 100 gallons
    • Aids in rinsing
  7. Omegasonics OmegaFinish (5 GL)

    High PH product formulated to remove heavy wax residue from surfaces as well as heavy carbon from stainless steel.

  8. Omegasonics OmegaDescaler (5 GL)

    A unique product formulated to remove rust, corrosion, heat scale and mineral deposits from a variety of metals.

  9. Omegasonics Omega Mold Release (5 GL)

    Omega Mold Release cleans burnt-on crystalline rubber, plastic, and food from molds, dies, and other metal surfaces. This high pH, concentrated mold release agent is FDA approved.

    • Cleans burnt-on crystalline rubber, plastic and food
    • For use on steel molds and dies
    • High pH composition
    • FDA approved
  10. Omegasonics OmegaRust Protectant Ultrasonic Solution

    This highly effective, microfilm rust inhibitor is formulated to protect aluminum, brass, copper, and carbon steel from developing brown and surface rust.

    • pH: N/A
    • Dilution: 1-2 oz
    • Helps prevent rust on cleaned materials
  11. Omegasonics OmegaWash Powdered Ultrasonic Cleaner

    This powdered soap concentrate cleans non-oily residue dirt from metal, plastic, and fabric surfaces including mini-blinds and all hard window coverings.

    • pH: 12
    • Dilution: 1 Cup per 30 Gallons
    • Great for window blinds
  12. Omegasonics OmegaRinse Ultrasonic Solution (1 GL)

    This ionic rinsing concentrate promotes the sheeting of moisture from metal surfaces. Aids in reducing spotting on metal surfaces such as metal mini-blinds.

    • pH: 5.0 - 7.5
    • Dilution: 2 oz per 20 gallons
    • Helps reduce spotting on metal surfaces
  13. Omegasonics Omega Aqua Clean LPH Ultrasonic Solution (5 GL)

    This reduced-pH solution designed to clean electronic and electrical components in an ultrasonic tank. Also effective at removing solder flux residue.  This solution is safe on all surfaces that can be cleaned in water and any surfaces that may be damaged in a high-pH solution.

    • pH: 9.8
    • Dilution: 2 oz per gallon
    • Great for electrical components
  14. Stellar Solutions CitriSurf® 2250 (5 GL)

    CitriSurf 2250 is a high-quality blend of chemicals formulated for the cleaning and passivation of stainless steel products. CitriSurf 2250 is specifically designed to provide low-cost and efficient removal of contaminants and all free iron from the surface of most grades of stainless steel.

    • Citric-acid-based formulation
    • Highly concentrated
    • pH: 3.0
    • Provides low-cost ultrasonic cleaning of stainless steel

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