Cement, Grout & Repair Chemicals

Jon-Don offers a full selection of concrete repair products for damage large and small, including specialty products designed for concrete floors found in extreme temperatures, such as commercial refrigerators and freezers.

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  1. Rapid Set® TRU Self-Leveling Floor Topping, Resurfacing, Underlayment, 50 lbs
    Rapid Set TRU Self-Leveling is the only overlay system specifically designed for polishing. It rapidly levels, maintains workability for 30 minutes, and produces a smooth, strong surface with high bond strength.
    • Versatile—use as a topping, resurfacer, or underlayment
    • Reduce downtime—foot traffic in 2–3 hours; coat or seal in 12 hours
    • Indoor/Outdoor—durable in dry and wet areas
  2. Rapid Set® TRU® PC, 60 lbs

    Rapid Set TRU PC is an advanced hydraulic cement-based, self-leveling topping that has the look of beautiful polished concrete. This high-flow, one-component topping can be used both indoors and outside. It's crack-resistant and durable and ready for foot traffic in as little as 2 hours.

    • Self-leveling topping that simulates polished concrete appearance
    • Outstanding clarity and gloss when polished
    • Versatile, use as a topping, resurfacer, or underlayment
    • High strength; durable
    • Use indoors or outside
  3. Rapid Set® LevelFlor® Quick Setting, Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment, 50 lbs

    Rapid Set LevelFlor is an advanced hydraulic cement-based self-leveling underlayment (SLU) that can be used both indoors and outdoors in wet and dry environments. LevelFlor rapidly levels, maintains workability for 30 minutes, and produces a flat, strong surface with high bond strength.

    • For interior or exterior use
    • High bond strength (3,000 PSI in 24 hours, 3,500 PSI in 7 days)
    • Quick setting; ready for foot traffic in under 3–4 hours
    • Easy to use—just add water
  4. Rapid Set® CEMENT ALL™
    Rapid Set® CEMENT ALL™ is a high-performance blend of Rapid Set Cement and specialty sand. It is durable in wet environments and can be used for general concrete repair, doweling and anchoring, industrial grouting, formed work, airport projects, and highway repair. It sets in just 15 minutes and is ready for normal traffic in one (1) hour.
    • Sets in only 15 minutes
    • Ready for traffic in 1 hour
    • Can be used for general concrete repair, doweling, formed work, and more

    Starting at: $18.40

  5. Rapid Set® TRU® GRAY Self-Leveling, 50 lbs
    TRU GRAY is a great choice for environments in need of a high-quality, polishable cement gray topping fast. It grinds and polishes much like concrete and achieves a very high gloss and Distinctness-of-Image (DOI) due to its high density and low polymer content.
    • Designed specifically for polishing and decorative flooring applications
    • Outstanding clarity and gloss
    • Use as topping, resurfacer, or underlayment
    • Ready for foot traffic in 2–3 hours; coating in 12 hours
    • Use indoors or outdoors; wet or dry environments
  6. Rapid Set® TXP™ TRU® Epoxy Primer (3 GL)

    Rapid Set TXP TRU Epoxy Primer is a high-performance, two-component, low-VOC, moisture- and alkali-insensitive interior/exterior epoxy primer. Designed for use with Rapid Set TRU Self-Leveling, TXP ensures strong adhesion between the substrate and topping. It will successfully seal porous concrete to prevent pinholes.

    • High-performance primer designed for Interior/exterior use
    • Seals porous concrete to prevent pinholes
    • Moisture insensitive and alkali insensitive
    • One coat application
    • Coverage: 133 sq ft per gallon
  7. Rapid Set® Acrylic Primer
    Rapid Set® Acrylic Primer is a concentrated, solvent free acrylic latex primer that improves the adhesion of Rapid Set® TRU™ Self Leveling to properly prepared concrete. Rapid Set® Acrylic Primer also acts to seal porous concrete surfaces to prevent pinholes and bubbles from forming in the finished surface.
    • Improves bond strength and adhesion
    • Seals porous concrete to prevent pinholes and bubbles
    • Coverage: 400-600 square feet

    Starting at: $38.71

  8. PROSOCO Consolideck® Grind-N-Fill Liquid (5 GL)

    Consolideck Grind-N-Fill mixes with the dust created while grinding concrete floors to create a super-durable matrix that automatically fills surface imperfections to create a monolithic surface that polishes faster, easier, and more effectively.

    • Mixes with concrete dust to fill surface imperfections
    • Makes floors easier to polish and maintain
    • Highly dilutable
    • Easy to apply
  9. Metzger/McGuire Armor-Hard Concrete Epoxy, Porpoise

    Armor-Hard is an early set, structural epoxy mortar kit designed to repair concrete floors. This kit includes a two-component structural epoxy binder and a pre-measured bag of custom-blended sand aggregate.

    • Porpoise
    • Floors can be reopened to pedestrian/construction traffic in 3-4 hours
    • Superior wear and impact resistance
    • Low odor once blended
    • USDA/FDA/LEED acceptable
  10. Rapid Set® WunderFixx Concrete Patching Compound, 50 lbs

    Patching concrete is easy with WunderFixx Concrete Patching Compound! Just mix with water to create a workable, easy-to-apply mixture with excellent bonding characteristics. One 50-lb bag of WunderFixx will cover 115 square feet at 1/16".

    • Easy to apply; fast setting
    • Mixes with water 
    • Bonds to concrete, brick, block, plaster, tile, and more
    • Coverage: 115 sq ft at 1/16 inch depth
  11. Rapid Set® CR Concrete Resurfacer, 25 lbs

    Rejuvenate old, worn, and spalled concrete with Rapid Set CR Concrete Resurfacer! This advanced hydraulic cement-based mortar works on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces, transforming old, dull, and damaged concrete to a like-new appearance.

    • Self-curing technology
    • Matches the color of typical Portland cement concrete
    • 30-minute working time; ready for foot traffic in 2–3 hours
    • Can be used for interior and exterior concrete surfaces
    • Coverage: 45 sq feet at 1/16 inch depth
  12. L&M CRYSTEX Grout

    CRYSTEX is a long-work-time, ready-mixed, high-strength, highly fluid, controlled-expansion grout with superior dynamic load stability.

    • Non shrink
    • High strength
    • Long work time

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