Chemeisters POW-der™

Item # CH-P20-EA

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Chemeisters POW-der™

Item # CH-P20-EA

Each    Qty: 1

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  • Highly effective pre-spray and degreaser
  • Cleans out scale buildup from previous cleanings
  • pH: 9.5
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Variable dilutions

Product Information

POW-der is an extremely effective and economical powdered pre-spray that cuts through dirt, grease, and grime. It leaves carpets looking clean without leaving any sticky, soil-attracting residues behind. 


POW-der mixes easily—even with cool water—and absolutely will not separate! 


As an added bonus, POW-der cleans out the gunk and buildup that chokes your valuable extractor. If you notice a grit-like material at your spray tips after using POW-der for the first time, it indicates that you've got scale buildup that POW-der is clearing out.


After just a few uses, you'll notice your equipment runs better and carpets are getting cleaner. 


POW-der has a pleasant lemon scent and a pH of 9.5 in dilution, so it meets the requirements for stain-resistant carpet compatibility.


Truck Mount Solution: Mix 4 cups (1.5 lbs) per 5 gallons of water.

Portable extractors: Mix 2 oz per 5 gallons of water.



Nylon Carpet Cleaning


Nylon fibers are the highest percentage of fibers found in residential carpeting. Nylon is usually factory treated with a stain repellant making it easier to clean. Nylon fibers are attracted to acid dyes, making spills such as Kool Aid a problem. Stain-resistant warranties from the manufacturers dictate that nylon should not be cleaned with a pH greater than 10.0.


Basic Method

  1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
  2. Dilute pre-spray (traffic lane cleaner) into a pump-up or inline sprayer and spray onto all traffic lane areas.
  3. Use a groomer to groom in the pre-spray and allow a 10-minute dwell time. Do not allow pre-spray to dry on carpet.
  4. Put diluted detergent into carpet extractor and clean carpet.
  5. Apply 3M Scotchgard diluted at 32 oz per gallon of water to carpet with a sprayer.
  6. Groom carpet to evenly spread protector onto all sides of the fiber.
  7. Set air movers in room to speed dry carpet.


Chemical Type Water Based
Brand Chemeisters
Approved Use Stain Resistant Carpet
Scent Lemon
Cleaning Method Hot Water Extraction
pH 9.3 - 10.3
Material Carpet
Dilution Variable
Product Type Powder
Category Detergents
Condition new