Big D Urinal Deo-Gard Floor Mat (6 PK)

Item # RA-UD668-CS

Each     Qty: 6

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Big D Urinal Deo-Gard Floor Mat (6 PK)

Item # RA-UD668-CS

Each     Qty: 6

  • Disposable floor mats
  • Fresh mountain air scent
  • Each mat absorbs up to 2 mL of liquid per square inch
  • 17.5" W x 20.5" L x 0.25" thickness
  • Helps keep restrooms clean and prevents cross contamination

Product Information

These disposable floor mats not only make restroom maintenance easier and faster than ever-
they also reduce slipping and tripping and prevent cross-contamination.


Big D Deo-Gard floor mats are manufactured with a heavier, high-friction coefficient material, so they won't slip and slide across the floor. The flexible material securely grips both smooth and uneven surfaces to enhance safety. 


The grid features a hexagon design that directs liquids into the highly absorbent core. The core will hold up to 2 mL of liquid per square inch, so it lasts a long time, even in a restroom with very high traffic.


These mats keep your floors protected from unwanted splashes and drips, which helps prevent stains, discoloring, and uric acid damage -- all of which lead to a very negative impression and lots of extra cleaning work.  They are impregnated with a fresh mountain air scent to neutralize and eliminate odor in the immediate area.


It's easy to see when the mat is soiled, so you can be sure to replace it with a clean, fresh one and keep the restroom looking clean. The flexible design makes getting rid of a dirty mat easy. Simply roll or fold the mat and chuck it in the trash -- there's no risk of spillage! 


Urinal Deo-Gard Floor Mats also help prevent cross contamination by eliminating the tracking of urine from restrooms to other parts of the facility. Great for use in schools, highway rest areas, churches, office buildings, fitness centers, hospitals -- pretty much anywhere there are urinals!


Sold in a case of 6.



Brand Big D Industries
Color Black/White
Scent Mountain Air
Category Restroom Odor Control
Condition new