Betco SenTec™ RTU Malodor Eliminator, Summer Notes, 32 oz

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Betco SenTec™ RTU Malodor Eliminator, Summer Notes, 32 oz
  • Unique dual malodor counteractant technology
  • Replaces odors with uplifting outdoor scents
  • Effective against all types of odors
  • Meets and exceeds state of California VOC content requirements
  • Ideal for all types of facilities
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Betco SenTec™ RTU Malodor Eliminator, Summer Notes, 32 oz


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Betco SenTec™ RTU Malodor Eliminator, Summer Notes (6 PK)


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Product Information

“Bring the Outdoors In” with Betco SenTec™

Odor Elimination that Changes Perceptions


There’s nothing that ruins a first impression faster than a bad smell. Malodors can cause people to have strong negative perceptions of your facility, and even make assumptions about its state of cleanliness or safety.


SenTec from Betco is a powerful dual malodor counteractant program that first neutralizes odors at the molecular level and then replaces them with invigorating scents of the outdoors. SenTec is not a masking agent or a coverup—it’s odor elimination at its finest.


SenTec relies on proprietary odor-eliminating technology to first bond with odors at the molecular level and then transform them into heavier compounds that precipitate to the floor, far away from nasal passages.


Instead of traditional fragrances created by perfumers, SenTec captures the most popular outdoor scents scientifically proven to enhance positive subconscious attitude. These scents are designed to improve mood, enhance calm and well-being, and even increase alertness.


By “Bringing the Outdoors In” with SenTec, you can create a long-lasting, positive brand impression.


This ready-to-use spray is designed to tackle both odors in the air and those lingering on surfaces. You can mist this product in the air or spray it directly on fabric or hard surfaces. SenTec can also be used in conjunction with hard surface and carpet cleaning products, restroom management products, and food service cleaning products. This allows you to have a uniform scent throughout your facility, further enhancing the sensory experience for building occupants.


SenTec is effective against all odors, and it can be used in any facility where odors are present. Use it with confidence in offices, schools, hotels, restrooms, long-term/acute care facilities, grocery stores, retail stores, youth care, and more.



Brand Betco
Application Method Spray
Approved Use Janitorial Use/General Cleaning
Chemical Type Water Based
Product Type Liquid
Scent Characteristic
pH 6.5 - 8.5
Category Deodorizers
Condition New