Automatic Door Handle Disinfector


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Automatic Door Handle Disinfector


Each    Qty: 1

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  • Automatically disinfects door handles
  • Eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria on handle surface
  • Easy to install

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Your Hands Are Clean... But How About that Door Handle?

Have you ever found yourself opening a bathroom door with your sleeve wrapped around your hand? Perhaps you're pretty good at using your foot to jimmy a door handle. Or maybe you follow someone really close as they leave so you can slip out behind them without having to touch the door handle at all.


Despite all we know about the importance of washing our hands, studies still show that a significant portion of the population doesn't stop at the sink after using the toilet. But even if we all were fastidious hand-washers, there are many types of germs that can thrive on surfaces for hours. Meaning there's still a risk that your clean hands will touch a dirty door handle.


The Automatic Door Handle Disinfectant System is the perfect solution to this problem.


This system automatically disinfects door handles between uses, eliminating 99.9% of common bacteria on the handle surface. This simple mechanism can help reduce the spread of common bacteria and viruses to create a cleaner, healthier environment.


This system is easy to install and perfect for environments where health and cleanliness are big concerns, such as schools, hospitals, commercial institutions, and public restrooms with heavy traffic.



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