Arizona Polymer Flooring Epoxy 400, 1.5 GL Kit (1 GL Part A, 0.5 GL Part B)

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Arizona Polymer Flooring Epoxy 400, 1.5 GL Kit (1 GL Part A, 0.5 GL Part B)
  • Can be mixed with color packs
  • Coverage: Up to 250 sq ft/gal (varies based on substrate profile)
  • VOC compliant
  • Must order Part A and Part B for full kit
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Arizona Polymer Flooring Epoxy 400, Part A (1 GL)

Item # EX-APF400A-01

Size: Gallon    Qty: 1

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Arizona Polymer Flooring Epoxy 400, Part B (0.5 GL)

Item # EX-APF400B-EA

Size: 1/2 Gallon    Qty: 1

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Product Information

Epoxy 400 is a low-viscosity 100% solids resin system used in a variety of flooring applications, including high-build coatings, aggregate-filled flooring, and decorative epoxy pebble applications. This material cures blush-free and provides an outstanding balance of physical strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance.


Epoxy 400 has excellent clarity for use over color quartz aggregate and decorative architectural concrete. The pigmented material features high-pigment loading for good substrate hide and color consistency when roller applied.


Epoxy 400 has considerably lower viscosity than most competitive products providing improved handling at cooler temperatures and exceptional troweling characteristics. The lower viscosity allows for the addition of fine silica fillers for easy application of “slurry” type floors. A fast cure hardener is available when cold weather cure down to 40°F or accelerated room temperature cure is required. A special hardener is available when adhesion to damp concrete is needed.


The versatility of Epoxy 400 makes it ideal as a primer, finish coat, or aggregate binder in a wide variety of flooring applications, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, correctional facilities, loading docks, and other areas requiring high-performance flooring.


Epoxy 400 UVR is fortified with a UV absorber package and designed for exterior use as a re-glaze material over decorative epoxy pebble systems. Epoxy 400 is not recommended for food processing areas, commercial kitchens, wineries, or other areas that receive constant corrosive exposure. Epoxy 600 or 900 should be selected for these applications.


Full kit requires both Part A and Part B.

Coverage: Up to 250 Sq ft per gallon but varies based on substrate profile and desired system


Return Policy:  

To ensure product consistency and quality, Jon-Don cannot accept returns of epoxy products.


Moisture Vapor Emissions Precautions

All interior concrete floors not poured over an effective moisture vapor retarder are subject to possible moisture vapor transmission that may lead to blistering and failure of the coating system. It is the coating applicator’s responsibility to conduct calcium chloride and relative humidity probe testing to determine if excessive levels of vapor emissions are present before applying any coatings. 


Surface Preparation

Concrete must be cured 30 days and be clean, dry, and structurally sound. If using damp surface hardener, surface may be damp but with no visible water. Surface must be shot blasted, diamond ground or acid etched to achieve an ICRI profile of CSP3 or greater. A properly prepared surface will have the texture of 80–100 grit sandpaper. If the surface is diamond ground, use 20–30 grit diamonds and vacuum the floor twice to remove concrete dust. Excessive dust in the pores of the concrete can compromise adhesion. If acid etched, machine scrubbing is required. Previously coated surfaces must be mechanically cleaned and abraded with 80–100 mesh sandpaper prior to application.


Mixing Instructions

If using regular cure material, pot life is 35 minutes at 77°F. Pot life of fast cure material is 15 minutes. Work times are shortened by higher temperatures. Pouring material on floor immediately after mixing will extend work time. Combining ratio is 2 parts A to 1 part B. If using pigmented material, stir Part A well, bringing settled pigments up from bottom of container before adding Part B. Proportion the amounts carefully and mix for 2 full minutes using a low-speed drill, scraping the bottom and sides of the mixing vessel.


Application Recommendations

Epoxy 400 may be applied by roller, trowel or squeegee. When applied as an unfilled system, Epoxy 400 may be thinned with up to 15% Acetone, MEK or Glycol Ether EP. Product must be thinned 10–15% when using as a reglaze material for epoxy pebble system. If using thinned product, keep application rate above 200 sq ft per gallon. The addition of solvent may slow the cure somewhat. If using in aggregate filled flooring, do not add solvent.


Handling Precautions

Do not breathe vapors. Use appropriate respirator with green band cartridge to protect against methylamine vapors. Avoid contact with skin; wear protective gloves. Read Safety Data Sheet before using.


Slip and Fall Precautions

OSHA and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) have now set enforceable standards for slip-resistance on pedestrian surfaces. The current coefficient of friction required by ADA is 0.6 on level surfaces and 0.8 on ramps. Arizona Polymer Flooring recommends the use of angular slip-resistant aggregate in all coatings or flooring systems that may be exposed to wet, oily or greasy conditions. It is the contractor and end users’ responsibility to provide a flooring system that meets current safety standards.



Brand Arizona Polymers
Category Epoxy and Polymer Flooring Resin
Product Type Epoxy
Color Clear
Max Coverage Per Gallon 250
solids (%) 100
Condition New