Ameripolish® Classic Dye, Raw Sienna

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Ameripolish® Classic Dye, Raw Sienna
  • Solvent-based dyes for indoor use only
  • Packaged in dry form for low shipping cost and unlimited shelf life
  • Rich color penetrates deep into concrete pores
  • Won't wear out or fade over time
  • Coverage: 400–700 square feet per gallon
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Ameripolish® Classic Dye, Raw Sienna, 1 Gallon Kit


Size: 5 Gallon Kit    Qty: 1

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Ameripolish® Classic Dye, Raw Sienna, 5 Gallon Kit


Size: 5 Gallon Kit    Qty: 1

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Product Information

Create Long-Lasting, Beautiful Color That Won't Wear Out Over Time! 

Ameripolish Classic Dyes penetrate the surface of polished and exposed concrete, resulting in a long-lasting color that won't wear out even after heavy daily usage. Formulated with extremely fine molecules of color, Ameripolish Classic Dyes reach deep into concrete pores for a rich, resilient color that lasts day in and day out.


Despite repeated cleaning and heavy foot traffic, you can trust that the color won't fade. Even during the resin-grinding stages of polished concrete, the deep-penetrating color won't grind off.


Ameripolish Classic Dyes can be used as a base color or touch up for concrete that has received integral color, dry-shake hardeners, acid stains, or even layered to create a truly unique, mottled effect. When applied properly, Ameripolish Class Dyes give great color to polished concrete floors or can produce a look similar to an acid stain with a sealer. 


Ameripolish Classic Dyes are packaged in a dry form for easy shipping and storage. In powder form, they have an unlimited shelf life. These solvent-based dyes can be mixed with acetone on site for quick and easy application.


Each gallon covers approximately 400-700 square feet, depending on the conditions of the concrete.


Note: Ameripolish Classic Dyes are designed for indoor use only. Color will fade over time in areas where the dye is exposed to frequent UV light. The quality of UV protection in windows and doors may also determine the amount of time it takes before color must be reapplied.

Color Chart

Color Chart



Brand Ameripolish
Category Dyes and Stains
Product Type Liquid
Color Raw Sienna
Condition New