Strong Industries Ultra Pro AbZorb Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound


28 lb     Qty: 1

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Strong Industries Ultra Pro AbZorb Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound


28 lb     Qty: 1

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  • Removes tough soiling, both wet and dry
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • pH: 6.0
  • One pail covers approximately 2,000–3,000 square feet

Product Information

Ultra Pro AbZorb is a special, organic dry compound made from renewable, natural, and green materials. It is free of phosphates and contains a neutral pH. Its active ingredients are biodegradable, and it leaves a pleasant fresh scent.


Only high-quality ingredients are used. So not only do you get a product that delivers superior performance and soil removal, you also get one that is environmentally friendly. 


Depending on the soil of the carpet, Ultra Pro AbZorb will turn from yellow to black as it absorbs the soil.


Ultra Pro AbZorb can be used as part of any dry cleaning compound system, but we highly recommend pairing it with the TM4 VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine (OE-TM4-EA) along with Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant Plus. Dry cleaning compound works exceptionally well as booster in order to remove traffic lanes on carpets. 




Using DryZone Carpet Cleaning Compound at the Strong VLM Machine

  1. Apply your preferred pre-spray to the soiled area.
  2. Sprinkle the cleaning compound onto the pre-sprayed (and still moist) carpet. As an average, use approximately one handful of compound per 10 square feet of carpet to be cleaned. Use more on heavily soiled areas, use less on other areas as needed. Cleaning compound is not needed on clean parts of carpets. Do not apply and cover more than 150-200 square feet of cleaning compound onto area to be cleaned prior to brushing with Strong VLM machine. The cleaning compound has to remain moist for best cleaning results.
  3. Use the Strong VLM machine with the appropriate brushes suited for the cleaning job. Take off the renovator attachments and attach the dust covers on front and back of machine. Start brushing ideally in a zig-zag pattern covering the complete carpet surface. Brush repeatedly on heavily soiled areas and stains, brush less on other areas.
  4. Remove the dust covers from the machine and re-attach the renovator attachments on front and back of machine. Start collecting/recovering the saturated cleaning compound immediately after the brushing-in is completed or any time thereafter. Empty the Renovator attachments once full. 
  5. To clean corners along baseboards and other hard to reach places you may need the help of a vacuum cleaner and/or side attachments. 
  6. Upon complete recovery and removal of cleaning compound from carpet, check the carpet for persisting stains. 


Brand Strong Industries
Color Yellow
Scent Characteristic
Cleaning Method Dry Powder
pH 6.0
Material Carpet
Dilution RTU
Product Type Powder
Category Dry Cleaning
Condition New