Foster® 40-26™ Waterbased Primer (5 GL)

Item # RM-4026-05

5 Gallon Pail    Qty: 1

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Foster® 40-26™ Waterbased Primer (5 GL)

Item # RM-4026-05

5 Gallon Pail    Qty: 1

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  • Goes On White, Dries Translucent Tan
  • Easy to apply - Use brush, spray, or roller
  • Dries Quickly - Recoat in as little as an hour

Optional Accessories

  • Linzer Roller Frame, 9 Inches
  • Pro/Doo-Z Roller Cover, 9 Inch, 3/8-Inch Nap

Product Information

Foster Waterbased Primer 40-26 has been formulated to provide added security against corrosion and to increase the bondability of retrofit systems over metal, concrete or masonry, and wood.


Foster 40-26 Waterbased Primer bonds to the surface of clean bare metal or sound rusted metal effectively retarding natural corrosive activity, providing a sound substrate for compatible surface finishing material. Properly installed, Foster Waterbased Primer will enhance aesthetic qualities, extend the functional usability, and reduce periodic maintenance.


An excellent stain blocker - it will effectively stop stain migration through the topcoat when used on wood and other substrates. 


Complies with current USDA regulations regarding use in meat and poultry processing areas under federal inspection.


Foster 40-26 Waterbased Primer contains no asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.


MATERIAL PREPARATION: Stir well. Apply only to clean, dry surfaces. Remove all loose rust and scale from metal surfaces before priming. Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, and free of all wax, grease, oil, dirt, mold and other surface contaminants. Weathered wood substrates need to be sanded down to a sound surface. DO NOT THIN.


APPLICATION: Apply evenly to metal surface at the rate of 200-300 ft. 2 /gal. (4.9-7.4 m 2 /l) until a uniform film remains on the surface. Very porous or rusty metal surfaces may require more primer to effectively coat. It can be used at higher coverages of up to 600 ft. 2 /gal (14.7 m 2 /l) on concrete, masonry, and wood.

Note: Continue to circulate fresh dry air throughout the system during the application and for as long after the application as is possible. Circulated air should be exhausted outside the building. If air must be exhausted inside the building, filtration through a charcoal medium is suggested. This circulation and filtration helps to reduce the dry time of the coating and reduce odors that could possibly migrate from the application area. Be sure exhausted air is odorless before venting into occupied spaces.


SPRAY EQUIPMENT: High pressure or low pressure airless spray equipment is ideal, but pneumatic or hydraulic equipment can be used. Foster ® Waterbase Primer (40-26) can be applied with virtually any type of airless equipment on the market today. Pressure settings should be as low as possible while still achieving atomization. Average viscosity range: 2,300-3,000 cps.


OVERCOATING: Allow the primer to completely dry through before painting over it. Minimum dry time: 1 hour.


CLEAN-UP: Use fresh water to clean equipment before product dries. Dry product may be removed with hot soapy water.



Brand Foster
Category Primers
Color Tan
Max Coverage Per Gallon 600
Condition new