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Unitex® Basis Acrylic Floor Sealer

  • Water-based formulation dries to a satin gloss
  • Non-yellowing formula keeps floors looking great
  • pH: 8.1–8.9
  • Coverage: 1,500–2,000 sq ft per gallon
  • 5-gallon pails not available in California
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Unitex® Basis Floor Sealer (1 GL)

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Unitex® Basis Floor Sealer (4 GL)

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Unitex® Basis Floor Sealer (5 GL)

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Unitex® Basis Acrylic Floor Sealer

Basis All-Purpose Acrylic Floor Sealer combines metalized, acrylized emulsion polymer chemistry to treat resilient or non-resilient floors. Warning: do not use on unsealed wood floors.


Basis provides long-lasting levels of durability and permanency and since one gallon covers 1,500–2,000 square feet, you get great value for the money. Basis is a ready-to-use, water-based sealer that is non-yellowing. It applies fast, resists detergent and dries to a satin gloss.

Applying Sealer To Resilient Tile Floor With a Mop


Sealers help to fill in some of the pits and grooves that may be in worn resilient tile. Sealer provides a good surface for the finish to adhere. There is no need for a sealer if the resilient tile floor is in good shape or if the finish being used is self-sealing.

Before applying sealer make sure the mop is new or was only used for sealing. Be sure the mop is rinsed of all contaminants. It is best to line the mop wringer and bucket set with a plastic bag to prevent any outside contaminants from getting into the sealer.

Sealer is usually put on the floor once it has dried from stripping. If for some reason the floor surface has been left for longer than 6 hours since being stripped, dust mopping with an untreated dust mop must be done.


Basic Method

  1. Place sealer in lined mop wringer and bucket set.
  2. Using a rayon mop, apply sealer with a "figure 8" or "S" stroke, overlapping as you move through the room.
  3. Let dry for time recommended on label.
  4. Apply second coat.
  5. Let dry before applying a finish.


Cleaning Fuel Oil Spills
Fuel Odor Removal From Structures
Brand Unitex
Product Type Acrylic
Category Floor Finish
solids (%) 16
Condition new